Samsung Galaxy Stereo Headset Flat cord - 2 pk

I bought this deal before and it sounds like you’re listening to music and voices during phone calls as though you’re 3 feet deep in a swimming pool.

I had the exact same experience, bought four sets and they all sounded absolutely horrible, distorted and muffled. Luckily Woot stepped up and refunded me without any hassle.

Lucky you! WOOT wouldn’t refund my money. Directed me to the mfg. for warranty issue.

If they’re unable/unwilling to help you, contact our CS again with details of your attempts to resolve the situation.

Kinda late now. After getting shot down by CS originally I just threw the headphones away.

I would have rather thrown $15 out my window while driving and hope someone in need found it, but oh well.

Pass on this! They don’t come with the extra ear gels listed in the specs, so they’re uncomfortable. The frequency response also has absolutely no low-end, so if you are expecting to hear any bass frequencies, these are not for you. They sound like you are listening through a tin-can and are just about as comfortable!