Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0



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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
$179.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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How good is this??


Description: 1.5Ghz Dual-Core Processor

Tech Specs: Dual-Core 1GHz


[MOD: Fixed. It’s 1GHz]


Touch screen problem, I got mine and it’s broken already, I can’t have it repair I bought mine out of country, Samsung has no international warranty. My screen got moisture inside so the touchscreen was unusable. My Samsung is used as a paper weights now, instead of throwing it away :frowning:


its pretty decent. i have the older 10.1. now that it has ice cream sandwich, i have no complaints. its fast and smooth.

but as the guy said… you can get a nexus for just a bit more at the google store.


Oh great… if I buy this does that mean Apple will come after me too?

Maybe if I make it more square and don’t use the pinch to zoom, I’ll be ok…



Anyone know if this can be/will be upgradable to Android 4.1?


Bought one of these when it first came out. Used it for a week, and returned it.

Unless things have changed in the past few months, the IR blaster in the tab doesn’t work with AOSP based ROMs. And TouchWiz manages to turn ICS ugly.

While it sucks that I don’t have the IR blaster in my Nexus 7, I’m far happier with it. The 7 is replacing my TouchPad. The Galazy Tab could not.


@retired51: We just bought one last week, and love it. Fast processor and not a battery drainer like a quad core. We were considering the Nexus 7, but a few things swayed me - dual core vs. quad core is going to be mainly noticeable in battery performance, not app speed; reviews say that the virtual keyboard is better on this than on the Nexus; front-facing and rear cameras on the Tab 2; and biggest of all… expandable memory on the Tab 2, so all our movies & music are stored on a separate 32GB microSD, leaving the full on-board storage to be devoted to apps. P.S. Squaretrade offers a very good price on 2-year warranty.


It’s fixed. 1GHz.


[Buzzer sound]! Gotta pass on this. Why? Because you can get a better, nicer, newer (as in brand new) Google Nexus 7 for $21 more. Minus some minor onesy-twosy items (namely Samsung’s rear facing camera too), the Nexus 7 is much better–processor, display, battery, OS, weight, etc.

Sorry. Woot a little flat today!


If you’re wiling to flash custom firmware.


I have one and it suffers from keyboard issues that make it virtually unusable. An update to fix them would improve my opinion. I will be returning mine and getting something else. If you want this size tablet, a nexus 7 is worth the $20 more unless you have to have expandable storage.


Was reading the paper yesterday about Samsung’s big loss in court - that includes a following case in which Apple is asking to prohibit all future sales on the Galaxy phone and tablet. I said, " I bet these show up on Woot soon". I’m a psychic!


Skip on this and save $20 more for the nexus 7, superior in every way.


its $250 to buy this new with the bluetooth keyboard dock and a usb adapter at best buy. even though i previously purchased three 10.1s from woot… this is a much better deal.


I’ve it for awhile. It is a great tablet and I cannot understand or share the negative comments.

My major usage: eReader, movies, light browsing and email, Skype (video).

As far as Nexus goes, it doesn’t take Micro SD. If one doesn’t need extra memory, Nexus would be great.


I have both this, the Fire, and the Nexus 7. You’ll want to spend the extra $20 and get the Nexus 7.

I should add - I’ve never once actually needed the storage on the Tab, even though I dutifully bought and installed a card. Maybe I needed more movies that couldn’t legitimately be stored in the cloud when I wasn’t viewing them. I’ve never once needed the rear facing camera. It’s not like I’m going to switch to a tablet for my photography, and it’s only 3 megapixels, anyway. Not really worth the effort.

The Tab leaks battery when the screen is off. It pretty much has to be powered nightly. There’s also an annoying screen capture button on the home screen that I guarantee you’ll accidentally hit about 234234 times as you get used to the device.

BTW - I doubt this is being Wooted because of the Apple lawsuit. Samsung has been adding Note features to their tablet line, and this is last year’s model, anyway.


I have the Nexus 7. For $20 less this comes with a better screen and a microSDHC slot, and Samsung’s build quality is better than the Nexus 7’s. (Ask the thousands of people who had to return their Nexus 7s to Google because the screen wasn’t seated properly.) This is a little heavier and bulkier than the Nexus 7 and does have an earlier version of Android. Both are very good tablets and which you pick depends on your priorities… this is a very solid unit.