Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

Previous Sale for $149.99

Got one for my grandson!;tab=reviews?id=1218604366681&skuId=5064393

good reviews over at Best Buy.

I got one for me , I dont know why I did but I did. lol . But Ive heard nothing but good things bout the Galaxy tho.

Have the Galaxy Note 10.1 and love it. Have a Galaxy S3 phone and love it.

$199 at Amazon.

Snapping up for my BF to store bird guides

Have one love it. also jellybean 4.1 update is out there too. Mine auto updated to jellybean.

I’ve been using a kindle fire HD and my husbands been jealous and wanting something. He was looking at a Nexus and an Ipad the other day. Figured I’d pull a trigger for him for his birthday and put him out of his misery.

lOl. your such a good Wifey :slight_smile:

Got one for my fiance last Feb. It’s still going strong. Good product.

Does anyone know if this supports .txt files or .pdf? Thanks.

I love mine… bought it from another source (also a refurb) on Black Friday, but this one on Woot is even a better price. Haven’t regretted it for a second.

i got one last year. i wish now i had waited. :frowning:

We have three of these. We are very happy with them.

Scratch and dent from BestBuys sale a day is more expensive too if you find a decent one and they dont always include wires, so this seems to be a great price

Solved my problem of what to get the wife for 21st anniversary. Nothing says I love you more than a tablet. :slight_smile:


ahhh finally. a tablet i want pops up when i got a few dollars in the bank.

90days warranty from samsung since its a refurb. anyone think its worth buying the 1y square trade?

it should with the stock reader/office type app it has by downloading it and then you can open it. if not you can always download kingsoft office and the tablet with download .pdf and everything and you can open it up in that app

There are lots of apps for PDFs and txt files. Adobe reader is also available.