Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with Pouch

I bought one at this price a few weeks ago during the last Woot Off. I’ve had one problem where upon start-up it sometimes reverts back to a default date and won’t work until I reset to the correct date/time. That seems to have stopped or is at least happening less frequently now - maybe it fixed itself. Other than that it’s been a great little tablet. Very fast, great WiFi access, and it works just like my Galaxy S4 phone. The Galaxy Tab 4 just came out, but for the price it’s tough to beat this Galaxy Tab 3.

No SIM cards. WiFi only.

At this price, why not?

Jason was so excited to show Mother his newest purchase

I got this in the last woot-off and I love it. It is faster than my Asus Transformer, less glitchy too, and faster than my SG3 phone.

I just bought another one for no apparent reason but I will find someone to give it to. Maybe one of my cats.


By far my favorite!


great price and grabbed one. Wife bought same product (cfr) and has had zero problems.

Here’s a dumb question: Can you use this as a phone?

It only works in wifi…
Just a few scrolls up

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FOR SERIOUS?! I’ll just ebay. Stupid Amazon…

Also, I got one of these from woot for my son last year, still no problems and he loves it. I just got the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 for my husband yesterday from woot otherwise I’d totally be in for this one right now. Until this sells out, I’ll take the time trying to justifying the extra $50 I spent as being well worth 1 inch more screen.

A consideration…

Camera resolution (Front): 1.3 MP
Camera resolution (Rear):
3.0 MP