Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with Pouch

Haven’t bought anything from woot in a while. Maybe this is why. Seriously what are “Regulatory Fees”???

I do not see GPS listed…?? Does this model have one. I got the . I got the Kids version it it did not have the GPS :frowning: BUT the regular Tab at Best Buy had the GPS.

WiFi only - so only has gps while you are in wifi - so… no

You think that’s bad?

Yeah, my woot buying has come to a near standstill for a while now.

Products and prices are meh. there’s a woot-off every other week, so i don’t get excited about them any more. the extra $2 at shirt.woot makes it a non-impulse buy item, and now that i can purchase any past shirts, there’s no sence of urgency.

and With so many sites, it’s not deal a day; it’s 48 deals a day. I could just go to for 48 deals a day…

Re: The regulatory fee, blame your state.

Effective September 15, 2012, Woot, Inc. was required to begin to collect Electronic Waste Recycling Fees in California. For additional information on this fee, including any applicable exemptions, please visit the California Board of Equalization at:

Cat got your tongue? :tongue:

fees and taxes collected through woot are the direct result of a settlement with AMAZON betewwn them and the state of CA to provide facilities in CA in exchange for an ‘at retail’ tax collection waiver. That agreement ran it’s course and now amazon agrees to charge all CA sales tax and fees in advance, instead of allowing the buyer ‘declare’ any purchases at the end of the tax year.

It is quite simply; amazon ruining my Woot experience.

Actually, this has a GPS receiver chip, and so it does have GPS abilities such as Navigate, etc. Works fine.

AAACK!!! The charging port starting acting up at just over 3 months. Now it will not charge. Soooo, paperweight in just under a year. bummer. Anyone for a slightly used Samsung drink coaster?