Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with Pouch

for 94.00 it is well worth it for kids great product.

I have a Tab 2, and I really like it.

I bought one of these when they were on sellout.woot. The best thing I can say about it is: it’s cheaper than an iPad Mini. :wink:

OK, seriously…not a TERRIBLE tablet. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. The size is convenient for slipping in my purse, it can handle all the apps I need, the battery life is pretty impressive, and the price was certainly right.

My only reservation is Samsung. They load their devices with a ton of crapware that you can’t un-install, which is a drag, but after fooling around with the settings and disabling most of it, I’m fairly satisfied. Someone with more Android experience than me could probably figure out how to hack this thing and get rid of a lot of that bloatware.

BTW the “pouch” that comes with it is more of a “sleeve.”

Wanted to edit after reading a few other comments - the one I got was in perfect condition, looked brand new. No scratches or anything like that.

Got one of these a few weeks ago off off here. Works great, really like it and this one’s even cheaper than the $99 I got mine for. A few minor cosmetic issues but functions perfectly.

Picked up 2 of these earlier. 1 was in perfect condition. The other had some scuffs along the sides. It’s minor but there in 2 places. The glass on both were perfect and they work quite well. Provided to my kids and they are happy.

I picked up a couple of these on the last WOOT. They are actually workhorses. I still have my original Galaxy Tab. I am not really sure how old it is, but I know I paid a lot for it when it was new…

Damn it, I’m looking for a Galaxy S3 sprint phone at this price :{

Bought one of these off woot a while ago, and other than a minor charging issue it works and looks great.

Bought one of these a couple months ago from Woot, been a great tab for the price.

I am getting ready to upgrade my S3 to an S5 – it’s in good shape with extra batteries and chargers, ballistic case, no scratches. If your interested, just PM me.

Does anyone know if this can be updated to the latest Android version? I know when it’s vendors other than google that it can take time or end up never happening?

Mine doesn’t have a tracking number yet but it is on my desk charging. It is quite an improvement over the old Pocket eDge I got on WOOT years ago.

It looks new except for a tiny scratch on the back that I can see only with my reading glasses on.

I installed the USB driver at:

The driver took quite a bit of time to install. Connecting my galaxy tab to my Vista computer still makes my Cisco network adapter quit working even after shifting it around to various USB ports. There is obviously some in incompatibility problem with the drivers.

I installed the driver on my Win7 laptop and everything works fine.

Ok, mine showed up today (thanks fedex sorry about the dog bite), and I have to say it looks Brand new and for 94.00 compared to 199.00 brand new it’s AWESOME!!!