Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

**Item: **Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Price: $159.99
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Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at


If this tablet is anything like my Galaxy S3 then I gotta recommend spending the money and buying a case. The S3 cracked from being dropped a couple times and the crack that broke it was only a 2 ft fall bouncing onto a padded floor mat and then onto concrete…Yikes.

At least i had insurance, Bought a 20 dollar case for the new phone and dropped it dozens of time and had no problems.

Check out these reviews from BHPhotoVideo

What is it about the case that makes you drop your phone “dozens” of times?
Samsung went to a lot of trouble to make the phone skinny, wouldn’t it be easier, cheaper, slimmer to just stop dropping the phone?

AT&T gives you a 4g LTE version of this tablet for free when you buy any Samsung phone. I think the promo goes into next year. You have to add the tablet to a data share plan. If you already have a data share plan, it’s $10/month extra. If you’re grandfathered into an unlimited plan like me, you have to pay $15/month for a new data share plan with 250MB/month. I got this one:

I rooted the tablet with kingoapp:

It runs pretty smooth after you scrap a few of the junk apps.

I wonder what would make this tablet better than the Nexus 7 2012. It has better resolution, better processor, and Android 4.4 KitKat. I got my 2nd one last week for $130 off woot.

Nexus 7 is better in pretty much every way at just $40 more for the used version… I bought an Amazon Warehouse Nexus 7 (2013) over the weekend for just $155.71 + free shipping. Cool Beans.

See for yourselves!!!

The Sammy does have a Micro SD Card Slot which is super cool but that’s about the only it has over the Nexus.

You seem to be misunderstood. I still drop my phone just as much as i used to. it just broke faster the first time because i didn’t have a case. My short term memory is absolutely terrible so i’ll forget i have my phone in my lap a lot of times.

sooo… no spending 20 dollars on a case is cheaper than paying a 150 deposit on a phone every 3-4 months.

I’ve always wanted to ask a stupid question here, and now I have a chance! If I have a Verizon iPhone, can I add this Samsung tablet to my data plan? You know, like, iOs vs. Android and all that.

Never mind. I saw in the specs that it has no mobile broadband. Still curious if you can have iOs and Android devices on the same data plan though.

Yes, you can. Just keep in mind apps you buy from Apple app store for your phone - if you want them on the Android, you’ll have to buy them again from Googleplay. If you’re a big app user that can be a deal breaker. It’s pretty convenient to sign into your account on your new device and see a list of apps “on other devices” available to you on your new one without having to repurchase. (Not saying OS is better then Android, or vice versa. I actually have an Android phone and Ipad shrug as well as several Android tablets in our home.)

Okay my knowledgable wooters… help a Mom out here. Currently I have one Ipad that ALL the kids fight over. I’ve agonized over getting the kids their own tablets (better control of age appropriate content, and less gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair with ONE tablet they all want between four kids.) But, frankly, the thought of buying four iPads at once is pretty off putting $$$$. Anyway, to my long put off point – has Android gotten better for kids? iPad/Apple has pushed a strong focus on kids and educational games are all over the place, great content for kids under 5 to “play” and learn… and even some fairly decent programs for kids 5-10. Has Android caught up? Or is iPad still the no brainer for kids?

Being able to get 4 tablets for the cost of ONE iPad really tempts me, but it won’t do me any good if they are all still nagging to use my iPad. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no free lunch. I’m amazed at how many people buy into the whole “Free” concept that the carriers have been pushing for years.


You pay a monthly surcharge on your account and you are forced into a multi-year contract. The devices are SUBSIDIZED by these additional fees over the 2 years. Once the 2 years are over YOU CONTINUE TO PAY THE SURCHARGES.

You are getting nothing free. You are paying for it partially by the additional data plan. The other fees are hidden in the tons of fees added to your carriers plan. You are paying these devices off over the contract time period.

All carriers are in it for the money. Don’t doubt for a second they aren’t making money off this promotion.

The problem with Android is still the same as with before. Its app selection remains less desirable than iOS as well due to fragmentation issues. It isn’t nearly as intuitive or as refined as iOS. Its apps remain somewhat less stable than iOS’s as well. It is also subject to the vast majority of mobile malwares. Its advantage in customization would likely be lost to your kids too.

If you want an iPad substitute for your kids that is cheap, then you should consider Kindle Fire HDX. It runs a heavily modified Android but all the apps are verified to be stable and the relatively closed ecosystem means higher level of security. You can also set settings for how many hours per day your kids may use it to play games, watch videos, etc.

Otherwise, get either a used third gen iPad or even iPad mini is a better way to go.

All of what you stated is pretty much Apple Fanboy bogus.

Apps on the Google Play store are just as secure as apps on the Apple Appstore.

I think a $159 Android tablet is a much wiser purchase for a child than a $500+ iPad. I’d venture that the Android tablet is also much more suited for a childs small hands as well. The biggest disadvantage for her would be the whole popularity issue… iPads are indeed the most popular devices and no doubt that the Android would be viewed as the lesser toy by the kids.

I have two iPads (1st gen & latest Gen) and I STILL use my Galaxy Note 2 more than both of them…

My daughter loves her Kindle Fire HD. One thing that really sold me on it was the FreeTime app. If you have prime, it’s $2.99 a month for unlimited, age appropriate books, videos, and apps. It also allows you to set time limits on things. Plus with the HDX out, the Kindle Fire HD is $139.

One downside I’ve found, and what sends my daughter to my wife’s iPad is that the Disney Jr apps are not available for Android.

I won one of these in a raffle. While it’s great to play some of my phone’s Android games on a bigger screen, the range of WiFi reception on this tablet is not very good. When I can get 4 bars of reception on my phone or kindle fire, I can only get 2 on my Galaxy Tab. So when I can get 2 bars on my phone, apps requiring WiFi connection slow down considerably on this tablet.

A lot of people will reply, that don’t have kids or that don’t already own an iPad, and tell you that you are just referencing to things that aren’t true. They’re lying.

Yes - If you didn’t have an iPad, buying four of these would be completely suitable. The Google Play store has most of the same games, or comparable ones, and you can still restrict content. They don’t have all of the same games, and Apple does have some that are much better suited for kids.

However, you already unfortunately own an iPad (Which is better then this tablet, sorry people that don’t like to admit that but when they’re alone). That means that your kids won’t stop bugging you for the iPad. It has nothing to do with the quality of apps, or restricted content. Kids like iPads because the interface is much more user friendly, and approachable for a child, and most importantly… Because you’re using it, and they have something different.

So you can buy these, and have the constant fights and they’ll probably eventually give up (at least the older kids would)… It’s not the perfect fix though. Might I suggest getting two iPad’s, instead of four, and just hoping that cuts down significantly on the fighting? We have two for the kids, of three, and it seems to work out. Usually the third kid will find something else to do.

Way to act like an Android troll. I don’t even own an iPad anymore, gave mine to my girlfriend because it doesn’t suit my needs. Instead, I kept my Sony Tablet S (which was bought off of Woot) and Surface Pro 2.

All of what I said is absolutely true. iPad has far more apps native to tablets. Fragmentation caused stability issues for the vast majority of apps on Google Play. The same downside makes Kindle Fire HDX far more attractive than the typical Android tablet, such as Galaxy Tab 3.

But hey, please feel free to disagree. But just refrain from labeling anyone who disagrees with you as an Apple fanboy. Have some dignity.