Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - Your Choice

One of these days there won’t be anymore Galaxy Tab deals and I’ll be like “…man, I should have picked up one of those Galaxy Tabs when I had a chance.”

Yea, but you’ll be able to pick one up at garage sales next to the pile of NES and Sega cartridges. :slight_smile:

Some Links:

Galaxy Tab 3 GT-P5210
Product Page

Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T3100
Product Page

Time to check out the product page
[MOD: Video above is the 7" model. We are not selling and specs are different.]


Woot should really just add a SamsungGalaxyTab.woot and let it be.

Can anyone tell me how this compares to this Asus?

From poking around, looks like the Asus is the better tab, and quite a bit cheaper with the rebate?

I’ve never used a Galaxy Tab 3, but I had a very bad experiences with an Asus tablet. It tended to under perform, be unresponsive, have crappy battery life and poor connectivity. It was so poorly designed the GPS barely worked and enabling the BT would make the WiFi unusable.

To top it off Asus practically refused to admit anything was wrong for forever then finally gave a very crappy “fix”. Granted that was just my experience, but it was bad enough that I won’t buy another Asus product.

I’ve had the exact opposite experience with my Samsung Note II.

Go with the Samsung, I have two Tab 3’s and 2 Tab 2’s…and really like them, but I prefer the 2’s for the 30-pin connector. The ASUS refurb is about like the Vizio Woot! had a while back…after 2-3 months it is a paperweight.

Assuming you don’t get a defective unit, they both will perform well…Keep in mind that these Samsungs are a newer design, and Samsung seems to be faster with updates. I have both Transformers and I have had Samsungs since the first Galaxy Tabs. You will really not go wrong with either one. On one hand, if you get the dock for the ASUS, it has an extra battery and will last longer in the field. Another thing to consider is that the Transformers cannot use any other charger besides their own. It uses a USB plug, but is 18 volts vs the 5V common USB that the Samsungs have and can use just about any power source our there…

I hope this helps, but you really will not go wrong picking either…

i want one… i think this samsung tabs are the closest in comparison to ipad…

Android KitKat update was released recently for the 8 inch version of these. Still as of right now only jellybean for 10 in.

The build in speaker on the tab 3 is crap. You can barely hear netflix with a fan blowing. My kindle fire shits on it… but I got it for free from Sprint… is there anyway to fix this sound output issue? Other then headphones/portable speaker.

I am a fan of both and would buy either. Samsung is better hardware and their embellishments to the Android OS are desirable. To save a buck at retail, I would go with Asus without regret. At the same price, I’d go for the Samsung unless I absolutely wanted the Asus t100 or t300 keyboard dock and windows.

I am a pro geek.

I love my Galaxy tab (the small one) picked up a 32 g micro sd card to expand it. I also have an Asus Transformer w/ a detatchable keyboard which I HATE. It is heavy and incredibly slow and it eats battery in about 2 hours. The Refurb Galaxy that I got via Woot a few months ago is perfect. I even bought one for the office just to use with Square.

Thanks for that. I’ll be putting a new ROM on it anyway–I had read reviews of the ASUS complaining of slow performance. Don’t know if that’s software or hardware related. Surprisingly, looks like more development for the ASUS over at XDA-developers. Both seem to run XBMC, which I’ll probably be using. I get $230 from my credit card to spend as a warranty replacement. I’d get to keep the rebate if I went with the ASUS.

Edit: Weird, I don’t see a kitkat ROM available for the galaxy…hell, they even have a couple for the Acer a500 that I’m replacing.

Shouldn’t there be actual PCs and laptops in the computers section?

It does help. I’m in for one of the 10.1.

I’m in for one. Call it a birthday present to myself since tomorrow is my birthday.
And oh, Happy 10th Birthday to you Woot!!!
Thanks for the great deals and I hope to be around for another 10 years.

Are either of these eligible for Galaxy Perks ?