Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - Your Choice

tablets = computers

So upon further review, it seems that there are no custom ROMs for the Samsung, apparently because of the Intel chipset. That may sway me towards the cheaper ASUS…

Thanks Captain Obvious, but if you ask most people to name a computer their first choice would not be a tablet. For example, under your main category you have “HP COMPUTERS”, which are mostly desktops and laptops.

In fact, I’m not sure you mention the word “comptuer” in any of your tablet items. It’s a word choice issue, but an important one, because technically all “sports” items could be under “home,” and all “tools & garden” could be under “home,” and all “computer” could be under “electronics.”

I’m just saying, I thought I would find desktops and laptops here, and I’m probably not the only one.

Did anyone else get a tracking # starting with a “P” that doesn’t seem to work?