Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Do thes have GPS sensors?

What’s the packaging going to be like on these as they are factory reconditioned? Will it just be a brown box, or will be similar to a new device? Will it come with all accessories? I’m guessing this is the best place to ask woot, but if there’s a better place, please let me know.

It will most likely come in a brown box. Not sure what accessories you’re asking about. You will get a USB cable for charging along with the tablet.

For those interested, Target currently has the Brown Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 on sale for 157.99, new, with 1 year warranty.

I bought a Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013. I thought it would be good for checking email on or looking up things on the Internet while not in my computer room. It is not. No control to right or left click as you do with a mouse makes it useless. Also no USB port to even add a mouse. It’s just a glorified paperweight for me. Live and learn. Sigh!

Is that a joke? Add a mouse??? To a tablet?

I have the 8" primarily for use as a “universal” remote. Works okay for that with ZappIR, but the placement of the return and function keys at the very bottom of the pad, oh my, always triggering one or the other by accident. Putting them in the lower bezel area is an idea that ranks right up there with “wardrobe malfunction:” looks good, but there are consequences.

A tap is a left click and a long hold often works as a right click.
You can try adding a Bluetooth mouse, wireless presenter, or pad w left/right buttons if you like.

While I hope the above helps, if not I’d happily pay shipping to my house. :wink:

The shipping box is brown, then inside the box is a white box that says Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (or what ever size you get). Then in the bottom corner it will say “Refurbished” in USA or something. In the Box will be the Tablet, charging cables, and the 90 Day Warranty information with a Galaxy Devices pamphlet.

Not any more:

  1. Currently unavailable online
  2. not sold in stores
    …and the price is a bit higher now.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the two Galaxy Note 3 tablets I looked at have GPS sensors, as the specs say the cameras support GPS tagging.
Can’t have GPS tagging without a GPS sensor I always say.

Thanks. Again that doesn’t work for me. Maybe Java is foreign to Android OS and that is my problem.

As to shipping, I would have to ship in two boxes as the AC adapter will not fit back in the box. Unless it comes in two pieces and either doesn’t come back apart or I am too afraid of breaking it to apply enough pressure to separate the two pieces.

Most of Android,especially the apps, is literally written in JAVA. Maybe some embedded JAVA apps won’t run, but if you’re using chrome and/or the built-in browser, it will run anything but Flash (due to Adobe and Google having disagreements)

You mentioned wanting to use it for checking email. Use the app for whichever email client you would like -, gmail, yahoo, AOL, etc, or setup the tablet to pull email from pretty much any email provider you’d like, even corporate exchange accounts.

As far as a mouse goes - I can confirm that a bluetooth or USB mouse will work with this or any other android tablet. You can configure it to have a little circle as the pointer, or a normal arrow pointer. Both right and left click will work, although they might act a little differently than you are used to.

But by doing a quick google search, you can find a number of videos and examples of people doing exactly what you would like:

Good luck to you!

Here’s the comments from the previous sale that ended last week.

I got one of these, they do come in a white box though it is labeled as refurbished.

Mine is pretty scuffed up on the edges and back. The screen looked new aside from some smudges and smears. It does not come with a factory cover on the screen, so if you plan on applying a screen protector you will spend some time cleaning the screen.

If you do get one of these, be sure to register at samsung for your $10 google credit, 50GB of Dropbox, etc.

I’d also reccomend the “MoKo Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Case - Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-shell Stand Case for Samsung” from amazon.

These cases are cheap and fit great, while offering decent protection from drops, scuffs, etc.

If you want a keyboard to go along with the case, Amazon also has this:®-Samsung-Bluetooth-Keyboard-Portfolio/dp/B00G40QQU8/ref=cm_cr_pr_sims_t