Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1" Tablet

Anyone have an opinion on this? Looking to buy a tablet for my father for Christmas, and need something that is basically a larger version of his phone, because he won’t enjoy learning a new system. Primarily used for Facebook. Some surfing and hopefully YouTube for music etc. He gets frustrated if something is slow. Any help appreciated as I’m not a tablet user.

Possibly; you’ll want to spend a considerable amount of time making it readable if he’s got any vision problems. Or save $110 and just get the Kindle Fire 8 from the mothership for $50 or the 7" for $30.

Honestly, the 7" would be larger than the phone, and a very cheap test if he’s into tablets at all, plus it comes new in box rather than refurb.

Also for $30 more than this, you can get a fairly good two year old tablet.