Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0 PLUS

And TT said they didn’t have enough Tech! to support a Tech! Off.

Tis tis.

Right? :confused:

Anyway, what’s with these transitions?

Yeah, izzit weird or what?

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Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0 PLUS
$300.00 + $5 Standard OR $15 One-Day OR $12 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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There appears to be a glitch in the matrix tonight.

a glitch you say?

Oh, dear. We’re waaaay ahead of you, Wootalizer.

It seems like it takes forever for the new item to show up after the previous one sells out. How I miss the old woot offs. :frowning:

nice price & what I would like to have. But Coming up with 300 at this exact moment is not going to happen. Due to other circumstances.

Glad to see woot has these available. Will be researching them some more to hope they come again if it is fully capable where I need it.

Darn no front cam?

That’s awesome.