Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" 16GB Android Tablet - Wi-Fi + 3G

The one problem is lack of android 3.0, and no sign of support for it.

This seems like an incredibly oversized phone.

I have the Samsung Galaxy phone which I love. This seems like a larger (and more powerful) version of it.

These things are already making it on to the pages of Woot!? …well that says something about 'em.

I don’t think I’ve seen this before on woot!?

Amazon Link

you CAN load Honeycomb on this tablet. check XDA Developers.

Any chance this could work on Verizon? They do CDMA as well

It’s fairly old, and the 10.1 that has Honeycomb and a dual core processor comes out soon.

anyone know whether or not one can buy this and not pay for a data plan with sprint? i’ve already got one on my evo, so i’ll just tether.

Does anyone know how much the 3G through Sprint runs?

I’d be in for one…if I didn’t just buy a 3G only version for $100 more. Don’t regret the purchase. Despite what Apple fanboys will say, it’s a much more convenient size for a tablet, and a very solid system as well.

Samsung has a really bad track record of upgrading their devices. So don’t count on Android 3.0

Its nice to have an unlocked tablet but if your going to get a contract anyways for the 3g and u dont mind the 2yr subscription Verizon wireless has refurbs for 149

cnet reviews

If only I didn’t just purchase the Viewsonic GTablet from Woot a couple weeks back. What would I do with a 10" and a 7" at the same time?

Well yeah, but thats subsidized, Woot is offering it with out a contract required for less than Amazon.

I have a Coby Kyros which runs on Android and the app selection is not great, does anyone know if this is any better?

Evdo… Sprint, or verizon?

I know it has Flash, but I’ve heard that there have been problems with Flash support for some websites. Has this been resolved?