Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" 16GB Android Tablet - Wi-Fi + 3G

Speaking of which, here is the main XDA Developers Galaxy Tablet Forum for all your hacking needs!

And here is a link directly to the Galaxy Tab ROMS and development section.

I have this model but on Verizon. It’s a great tablet thanks to running Android. Samsung has come out with a Gingerbread update, but only for European regions. It will hopefully be rolled out in the States soon. A word of advice - do not try to flash it with the European images - you can and probably will brick it! I would know, I have firsthand experience of that… :frowning:

Anyway, the forums to get your hacking on with this device is:

I use the KhasMek Voodoo Kernel, which allows for overclocking of up to 1.4 GHz. It absolutely screams at that speed. Mix that with the K-lean Mod v3 and you’ve got one lean mean touchscreen machine! :slight_smile:

I don’t encourage hacking, official support would be much better.

After you load honeycomb onto the G Tablet, I like it better.

App selection is Very rich… runs some stuff other tablets don’t yet (anything not optimized for honeycomb)

App selection is Very rich… runs some stuff other tablets don’t yet (anything not optimized for honeycomb)

The Samsung Galaxy is an appropriately named product for to feature on Intergalactic Towel Day.

Don’t Panic.

The day I got it I rooted it and installed Vegan 7.0.0 Ginger Edition and it is the bee’s knees now, I’m very happy with the purchase and with the XDA developers.

You need not pay for a data plan with Sprint, but if you don’t pay for a data plan with Sprint you will not have a data plan with Sprint and, therefore, you will not have 3G cellular connectivity. But you will be able to use wi-fi.

I bought a used one for my gf to use as an eReader a few days ago, with the hopes that she’d discover it could do so much more. It is basically just an oversized Android phone, but it is the perfect size for an eReader, or watching movies, playing games, etc, things that cause you to squint on a regular phone. The build quality is excellent, and the screen has great viewing angles. It doesn’t run 3.0 and probably never will (though it is being worked on at XDA, so who knows), and this Sprint version doesn’t get much dev love over at XDA, but it’s still a great tablet if you’re looking for an inexpensive 7" model. Thumb typing in portrait mode is the best I’ve ever seen on any device, the form factor is just right for that.

Throw it into airplane mode if you never plan to use it on Sprint, and then turn on wi-fi and the battery life is excellent.

The only real con is what I said above – it is basically just a huge Android phone, and if you’re satisfied with your phone as your main device, you likely don’t need this. But it is a hell of a cool gadget. The cheapest I’ve seen for this is $299 over a CompGeeks, so this is a really good deal.

Hmmm… I’m more interested in their 10" tablet. Maybe we can work out a deal? :slight_smile:

Why not get a ACER A500 which is basically a cheaper xoom?
You will be much happier with Acer iconia than a silly oversized phone

Wish it was unlocked for this price…I’ll pass.

7" makes a great eReader. If you attempt to use your gTab as an eReader with that screen on it, you’ll go mad.

Cheaper than an iPad and plays Flash. Win,Win

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the GTablet. Only downside is the limited viewing angles, which I’m sure this Galaxy Tab has resolved. But except for the economy choice of screens, you can have my GTablet when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. :slight_smile:

the basic data plan on tablets will run 59.99, with that plan, you get 5GB of 3G data, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a 4G area, 4G service is unlimited.

Sprint and Verizon work on different network setups …
won’t cross over.

sprint 3g kills the deal. no wonder it’s on woot.