Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7" Wi-Fi Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7" Wi-Fi Tablet

Released March 2016 - odds are that this device has reached End of Life. Android tablets are a MESS when trying to figure this out.

Save your money and buy an iPad.

We are at Android 12 in 2022 and this is Android 5?
This is a door stop. Save your money. Buy the Samsung A7 lite with Android 11 for $106 and stop wasting your money on glitch ridden outdated tablets.


I have a lollypop tablet in my kitchen for watching the front door camera, otherwise it’s useless. The app store doesn’t have anything compatible with lollypop.

You’re better off getting a Chinese Teclast 8” tablet running android 10 for $80. At least it’s powerful enought to send all your data back to Chinese overlords and run current apps.