Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 16GB Tablet

Does this tablet have a slot for a SIM card so you can connect with 4LTE?

Sorry, no. This device is wi-fi only.

I got one of these in a previous round. It’s a snappy little tablet, still gets updates, and works perfectly as our shared kitchen info point. It’s a good deal for the price. Also, you can still find accessories (cases, screen protectors) for it.

You can find seller refurbished ones with a 90 day seller warranty from a well known auction website for 69.99 with free shipping and no sales tax. I ordered one last night since I haven’t seen the Lenova 10 inch tab A on woot for about a month. That’s the one I really wanted. As stated earlier it should be a pretty good experience if you aren’t committed to a FHD screen.

I just got the tablet (2 days shipping from North Carolina to Texas if interested). Although it was listed as seller refurbished I would have classified it as an open box with all accessories and paperwork outside of the actual box. I was able to register it with Samsung and they are telling me it has a one year warranty. Tablet looks brand new and is quite snappy. Now time to root, remove bloat and get Titanium installed so I can pull everything over from my old tablet. A deal that hearkens back to the early days of Woot if you get one like mine.

Thanks for the tip! Could almost buy two of these for what the screaming chimp is asking for one o_O

Glad I could help. I normally try not to directly describe deals from other web sites but the price difference warranted breaking that rule.