Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet

Will these catch fire on airplanes?

No. But they do take over two weeks to get delivered. I ordered one yesterday, 10-24, and the expected delivery date is 11-8. That’s some Charlie Brown level service.

Does anyone know the approximate year that this model was released in and if this model may be updated to the latest version of Android OS?


Google thinks July 2015 for release date; but no guarantees on upgrading the OS.

This has been my experience with Woot! more often than not. When the package arrives I usually forgot what I ordered. lol

I usually jump over to the mothership if I want the item expeditiously.

I bought this item but I can’t use it. The Factory Reset Protection is activated so I can’t do anything with the tablet.

I’m very sorry for the problem. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.