Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2" 32GB Tablets

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2" 32GB Tablets
Price: $379.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Pretty good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

Does it really weigh only 1.61 ounces? :slight_smile:

planning on buying one…

Bought this on the last Woot! Google around first. The side creaks like crazy as if something is loose - and after purchasing I found lots of similar complaints from owners online.

Does anyone know if this comes with the S-pen?

S-pen is only available on the Galaxy Note Pro.

To summarize the excessive number of tablet series Samsung has at the moment:

Galaxy Tab Pro - Midrange, basic tablets. Significant improvement over the old Galaxy Tab range (more RAM, better screen resolution, etc).
Galaxy Note Pro - Higher end, includes S-pen.
Galaxy Tab S - Top end, flagship tablets. Thinnest, lightest, nicest screen of the range, etc.

The Tab Pro does not come with the S Pen, that comes with the Note Pro.

The weight on this thing is accurate, it is very lite weight for its size.

And yes, the plastic casing does squeak and creak due to the size of the device, which makes it feel a bit cheap and flimsy.

Tech Radar has a pretty comprehensive and I would say fair review at

Overall I would say a good device and a very good price.

Someone get this guy a quality post!

This is a great deal on a very nice large tablet. If you don’t need the attributes of using the note S-pen, then this is a fantastic deal. This is the only tablet like it, great size resolution, speed and battery life. These usually go for like $550. Don’t take my word, just google the model number- it’s got great reviews.

The Galaxy Note over the Galaxy tab s is a toss up. The Tab s has the amoled display and is thin, but it’s missing the wacom digitizer. The wacom digitizer to me is a much more valuable asset. The whole S-pen thing is something that no other tablet has, and for writing/drawing there is no equivalent. Generally the Notes cost more than even the Galaxy tab-s.

Well well, didn’t take long for this to end up in bargain bins like most Samsung stuff.

Does this include the 50GB of bonus Dropbox space for 2 years (the same as a new Samsung Galaxy Tab® Pro 12.2)?

i bought a black one of these new a little bit ago, and it is fantastic! Love the screen and love the battery life on it, im charging it like once a week practically. tho im not all that intensive with them, mostly just some stupid games and web browsing on the throne. i got a kinda cheap case, fake leather that rotates to put it in portrait mode aswell, so it snaps into one of those, so i never hear the creaking people are talking about and it offers a bit more protection.

The one issue i seem to be having tho, 2 of the games i play regularly just dont play nice with it… The Simpsons Tapped Out has real bad frame rate issues and Family Guy The Quest for Stuff just doesnt load period… i blame the apps as everything else i throw at it runs perfectly fine. All in all im very happy with my purchase, and i paid alot more than this, so if your in the market for one, this is a hell of a deal.

Apparently, it does not:

I bought this on woot a couple weeks ago and it DID include the Dropbox space.

I have it, am using it now, and love it. No s pen but it has the specs to make a mole see.

Since these are refurbs, I think it’s a coin flip whether you get the free promos brand new devices come with. If you’re lucky, the tablet was DOA or otherwise immediately returned by the original owner. If you’re not, the original owner already registered the device’s Wifi MAC address (this was how the Note 8 promos were managed at keast) to claim the promo prior to returning the device.