Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2" 32GB Tablets

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2" 32GB Tablets
Price: $374.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Oct 01 to Monday, Oct 06) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Samsung SM-T9000 Product Support

Samsung SM-T9000 User Manual

Pretty good deal but note that Touchwiz may or may not be a deal breaker for you. Probably the worst front end by any manufacturer.

You haven’t seen any of those Vizio 8" tablets that first appeared here back in the dark ages and pop up occasionally since then. I can’t even bring myself to use those as digital frames.

Anyway, switching to the Google Now Launcher is as easy as opening it.

Ohhh, nice. I’ve been thinking about getting a new tablet.

I see that the SM-T9000 Galaxy comes With AND Without an S-pen, Is it included in this?

I got and love the Galaxy tab 2004.
Other than the larger screen and battery, are there any differences between it and the 12"?

The sm-T9000 is no pen, the sm-P9000 has the pen/note. This is the “T”.

I have been looking at the Tab Pro 12.2 for awhile and this looks like a good price but it worries me that Woot seems to have an unlimited suppy of REFURBS available. Why so many “returns” or “fixed” units out there?

My thoughts exactly, whats the deal with all these refurbs?

I will say I got the 2014 edition 10.1 Note when it was on last time and it has so far performed admirably, though it takes forever to charge…

Not sure about the model number but Galaxy TABs like this do not. Galaxy NOTES use the S pen.

If you have ANY need for note writing go for a Note. I have not come across anything other than the Note with effective drawing or writing ability with either passive or active stylus.

Secret with many “refurb” units is they may actually be new. Lets manufacturer hit a lower “price point” without undermining normal retail pricing. Sometime main difference is only that it comes in a brown box and has a shorter warranty. Also, you may have trouble getting on-line support since the S/N is not listed as a regular retail unit.

Have bought several refurb items from mainline online retailers and have never seen any sign, scuff, scrape, etc. which would indicate used.

Only problem I have had was a “new” set of noise cancelling headphones. Headband broke. Contacted manufacturer. They said that the unit came from a defecive batch that was rejected and never should have gotten to retail.

Forwarded this info to Woot and they promptly issued a refund even though they were about 1 1/2 years old.

Headphones functioned great until breakage. Bought replacement from manufactuer (at much higher price) but they gave me a significant discount voucher.

I got one of these this past summer through woot for grad school. It’s been a godsend for reading tons of articles and annotating them with the highlighter and S-pen without having to waste paper and space like my peers.

That being said, I do have a problem with the mini SD card not being able to be recognized consistently by this tablet. I’ve tried several different SD cards and reformatted them for the tablet, but to no avail. I didn’t notice until I had started school and didn’t want to send it away to get another factory reconditioned tablet that could have its own problems…so I just kept it.

Be sure to check it out thoroughly when you receive it.

I thought this one came with NO pen?

Oops…I thought this was the note.

Without going into great detail, the easy way to tell the two apart is that the one with a pen is much more expensive, and is called the Note Pro, while this one, the one without a pen, is cheaper, and called the Tab Pro.

I own this tablet and I love it. I went to it from an Apple iPad 3 earlier this year. The screen size is great and it is a great picture. Processor is fast. I’ve paired mine with a Samsung Keyboard Case and a Samsung Bluetooth mouse. When I need to I use it like a laptop but 99% of the time I just use it like a tablet. I also own a Google Nexus 7 but this Samsung is my favorite tablet that I have had.

I can confirm there is no S Pen. The only real difference between the Note and the Tab Pro is the S Pen. I’ve never had a use for it so it myself.

My refurbished Note 10.1" is working like a champ! No blemishes on the unit either. Once the 12.2" Note pops up on here I’m all over it. The S-Pen is great for college.