Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12" Tablet & Case

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12" Tablet & Case
Price: $349.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Oct 29 to Monday, Nov 03) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Perfect reviews over at

what does refurbished mean? blemishes, scratches?

If you hover your mouse over the condition from the product page, you’ll see the condition description.

If interpreting “refurbished” correctly, this is done by other than the factory folks and not repackaged in the traditional Samsung white carton. I’m tiptoeing here much as I would jump on this deal as a previous Galaxy Note 10.1 bought as “refurbished” was delivered with a major screen scratch at no extra cost. Finally got tired of the major blemish and dumped it much to my disappointment. No offer to replace from customer service and Samsung stated “if it works live with it!” So am understandably cautious at this (great) price point. Just bought a 10.1 Pro factory refurbed thats in new condition and would certainly like a 12 Pro as its roomate! Regards.

I’m hoping Woot brings back the Galaxy Note 12.2 they had a week or so ago for $500. If so I’m in.

That’s funny, I bought one of those $500 units a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if I should’ve waited for this deal! But, the tablet is pretty flipping awesome…it’s just that it would’ve been more awesome at $349. If you can get one at this crazy low price WITHOUT any marks or blemishes, it’s a steal. If you DO get one with any defects, good luck returning it.

I bought one of these “open box” from the main woot page. Flippin’ awesome and even less than $349. sometimes the gamble is worth it. I also bought a bluetooth keyboard case from amazon:

While I love this thing to death, I had intended to buy an Ipad to sync with my Iphone. Great. Now my desktop, phone, and pad are three different operating systems.

I just bought this bad boy new for a little over $515 shipped. It is awesome! My son took over my iPad Air so I needed a replacement for myself and this tablet is amazing. Great deal for a refurb unit. Don’t forget to register it with samsung, you can get some sweet bonuses (google play store credit, extra free drop box storage, ect…)

At $544 new on Amazon, this seems like a pretty great deal. And that’s without the case.

I can’t speak to this model, specifically, but I did just pick up the Galaxy Tab S model from Amazon warehouse deals for $382 (normally $100 more) and it oddly came with a case as well, but I assume that was an oversight of some kind.

This and similar modern Samsung tablets absolutely scream. Puts my old Asus Transformer Infinity Pad to shame. If you’re in the market you will not be disappointed with this upgrade.

I’m a little nervous with some of these comments - if it has a scratch on the screen or is defective wouldn’t Woots return policy allow you to return it? I’ve never had to return anything I’ve bought through Woot.

If something is wrong with the tablet. can I return it?

Here’s Woot’s return policy. Additionally, this unit has a 90 Day Samsung Warranty and the option to purchase a 1yr extended warranty from the sale page.

@manhandsha, from that link:

Scratches in inconsequential places for a refurb, I get. But an annoying scratch on the screen qualifies to the “reasonable person” (yes, a legal test) as “damaged or defective”.

How does Woot interpret an annoying scratch on the screen?

BTW, this is a very nice tablet at a good price, assuming there are no ‘annoying scratches’ on the screen.

You won’t likely enjoy holding unsupported whilst lounging on the sofa as with a smaller tablet, but oh, that glorious display size - very nice. And with some good horsepower in the CPU department.

Got one last time. Perfect condition on white model.No problems so far.Awesome for videos!
Lot of bloatware uses up too much memory:already down to 14GB with rel.little downloading.Moving to SD card is BUILT IN NO ROOTING REQUIRED–this helps a bit.Hate Magazine BS and would pay money to get rid of it!Come is Sammy, please please! If you can live w/ this,Recommended at great price!

I wish I had a good answer for you, but since I’m not CS, I’m not really sure. I suppose it depends on the the specified condition for the sale, but again, I can’t really say for sure what issues would be considered ‘defective’.