Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" 16GB Tablet (S&D)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" 16GB Tablet (S&D)

This sounds like something I might find at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, not a retail site like Woot. So disappointed in you Woot.


I miss the old Woot, don’t you?


Ias inherited this, my tab s from 2014 is going strong. For 150$ vs the $800 pricetag for the s4, for some , the price is good. It does what it needs to, and still sexy.

Are you still running Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or have you been able to successfully upgrade to a later version? If so, any idea if this can be upgraded to a supported version? thx

From the specs page for this sale:

Android 4.4.2 KitKat; Upgradable to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

If that doesn’t mean anything to you then I suggest you look up “Android Versions”.

I recently spent $50 on a “parts” Tab S to repair one of these for somebody they liked theirs so much.

They’re definitely older so not for everyone. 2560x1600 display though - better than you get on a lot of new tablets

Only reason I’m not picking one up is I now much prefer a “soft” home button.

To add onto what @bdutton quoted, a VERY quick search on Google revealed that there are ROMs which you could use if you want to run a more modern version of Android than Marshmallow.

But of course, you should know what you’re doing if you decide to do that.

Oh, and you (probably) won’t be under protection from Woot if you mess up.

I have this tablet, and like it a lot; I have replaced the battery once (instructions on Youtube; not hard to do) and will most likely replace the USB port as well (again, instructions on Youtube). It is a solid tablet which works just fine for watching videos, surfing the web and taking camping. The display is crisp and sharp as well.

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I have one. It constantly reboots without warning. Very annoying.

Me too! I was gonna chalk it up to a good 5 years use as we bought this year’s ago on here. Surprised to see an older tablet on here.

Any suggestions to remedy the rebooting? I can’t even get it to start up anymore.

Apparently it has electrical contacts inside that touch, but are not soldered. Any slight jostle could break that contact. A guy on YouTube made a video about how to open and repair, but I haven’t undertaken that endeavor.

I don’t think either of you know what “old Woot” means.

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But seriously, I’m expecting something like this when Woot is really old.

It’s a very old model. I had one a few years ago. it was a great tablet, with a very good screen. At this barain price it would be OK.

Mine was solid as a rock, for years. Sold it easily on Craigslist

Mine was rock solid for years.

It was a joke.

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