Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4" Tablet

There is no way that the list price on these is $549.99. The suggested retail price at is $399.99, which is what everyone else is listing.

$347.99 at the mother ship (, so 8% off. An okay deal, not great.

Thanks for the post. We’ve fixed the List price.

how is this “Tab S” different from the “Tab Pro”. both 8.4in. both same screen resolution. both same camera.

cpu different… but $100 ??

mothership ref:

I found this comparison article that might help you.

The difference is the eye melting AMOLED screen technology (as opposed to the normal LCD technology used in the cheaper one). My coworker has one and WOW- best tablet screen I’ve ever seen.

I’ve had mine for about 4 months. I got it from Fry’s with a promo code for $299. I looked at both the Tab S and the Pro. The S is thinner and lighter. I believe the Pro is 8.4". The S screen is simply gorgeous. Everything just looks better.

The memory is still only 16GB and while it takes an SD card, Android OS has really done a number on the usability of the SD card. Anyway, not a real complaint given that there are a lot of 16GB tablets out there that don’t have an SD card. I went from a first gen Nexus 7 and while <2 inches isn’t much, I was surprised about what a difference this made.

I have its big brother, the 10.5" version, and it is hands-down the best tablet I’ve ever owned. As mentioned above, the screen is just amazing. I really like the fingerprint scanner and everything pretty much works how it should. Every other Android tab I ever owned had lag – this one does not. It was also very easy to root, so additional customizations can be made if needed.

Rumor has it that this unit is supposed to get Lollipop at some point, but also that a Tab S 2 model is on the horizon. FYI.

Nothing to say about this tablet, but has anyone else got like 30 wootstalker emails about this one? (from a “tablet” keyword alert)

Hi there! Sorry for that, I found out what was causing it. It was an issue with this particular sale not getting processed correctly. Every time the sales were checked, it was being treated as a new sale, and triggering alerts. I have fixed it, and the spam should stop. Sorry about that.

Here $320+5 shipping.
Newegg $350 free shipping
But you also get earbuds, case and bluetooth speaker, for $25 more, sounds like a better deal.

Can you pay for this deal using an Amazon gift card?

Sorry, we do not accept Amazon gift cards.