Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (11", Your Choice)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (11", Your Choice)

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Does this include the case and keyboard shown in the pictures?

Also, if you pick the 512GB option, the “in the box” still shows the 128GB version.

Typically keyboard is separate. Samsung was recently selling these on a major sale brand new but I think it might have only been for one day only.

But you may want to check to see if that’s still going on. About a month ago I was able to get the $512 GB version of the 11 inch for 461 with a free pair of Galaxy buds pro thrown in.

I don’t think that discount is still active anymore, but worth checking out

I would advise not getting the Fan edition version, as it doesn’t have quad speakers, or a high refresh rate and it has a much weaker processor despite being about the same price.

When I got the 11-in tab S7 I found a used keyboard case for 80 bucks on Amazon which was like new when I got it.

So if you can find some used ones, it might be worth checking it out.

If you want a lower cost item, Lenovo has the Chromebook duet which is super inexpensive and I think really cool. (Not very powerful but it’s only 200 bucks and it comes with the keyboard and such). Lenovo also has the p11 pro. Which has an oled, But doesn’t have all the features that Samsung flagship tablets have like dex, HDMI out, reliable OS updates etc…