Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Tablet, Pink Gold

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Tablet, Pink Gold

This just keeps popping right back up

Buy one and maybe it will stop popping up. And if it does, at least you’ll have a nice tablet!

I was on the fence about a month back, but switched over to an M2 pro macbook; tablet will not fit into workflow even though I do use a samsung phone.

It’s no word with exact name of the processor. Because of its trottling?
Why is the Devil’s number placed in the beginning of the second paragraph of the description? :japanese_ogre:

No idea about the :devil: number but I’ve removed it so you’re save to continue reading.

if only the 17 was 70%, i would like to move the sales score to 1. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe closer to 25-30% off… doubt they would do 70% with a recent gen product.