Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra 14.6" Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra 14.6" Tablet

I have one of these. Absolutely gorgeously expensive. It’s my primary media device during work. The speakers are fantastic for music surprisingly.

I bought the 12.4" S9+ version a couple of days ago. I’m sure I’ll love it. Mine won’t be my primary media device at home or work (I’m retired). I have a decent Asus laptop and a Lenovo I put Linux on for online media consumption.

If I needed a device to watch movies and such, I would have went with the tablet you bought. For my use, though, that size would be a bit too big. I use mine for Bible studies and in my ministry, so it will be used to play Bible based short videos.

I"m glad you said you like the one you have since what I bought is similar, though it’s not an “ultra,” whatever Samsung means by that. I did read their ad here:

and it looks like the 11" is just S9, the 12.4" is just plus, and the 14.6" is ultra. I understand that they have an FE version out now, too. I think that’s an “economy version,” with a different CPU made by Exynos instead of the faster Snapdragon CPU, and a they cheapened it a little in some other ways.

I see yours has an additional front camera lens. That’s nice.

I ordered a few keyboard cases through the Amazon Vine program (I have to review them in return for them sending them to me at no cost), and one screen protector. Do you have a screen protector on yours, and if so, did you get the type that’s made of thin, tempered glass? Do you have a hard time getting all the bubbles out? I always seem to have trouble with that on phones. This is the first tablet I will have that comes with a pen, so I want something to protect the original screen if I use the pen much.