Samsung Galaxy Tablets

!drool! it’s got the 8-core (quad-A15, quad-A7), 3GB RAM Note 10.1 in this sale. Do want!

Exynos 5 Octa for the win.

So what do people think about this tablet. I’m kinda on the fence for an Ipad Air or the Note. This seems like a hell of a deal though. Although the reviews seem to say the Ipad is better, yet I am a spec person and see the note being massively better. What is your guys opinion?

Wish the 32 gig was on sale again. Been looking for one for a bit so peed I missed the last set for sale.

can this connect over verizon network or is it just wifi

Having lived with both I have to go with the iPad. iPad Air is sweet and it’s all about the apps, baby! iPad Air is light, quick, pretty screen, great build, great apps. On the other hand, Samsung Note is light, quick, has pretty screen, great build, not as great apps, is cheaper AND multiple accounts under Android is genius if you have more than one user. Conclusion – get two iPad Airs.

The SQ warranty is not very clear. Are spills and drops covered under this warranty? SQ rep was not able to determine if this is a basic warranty or if ADH is covered.

If you’re curious about SquareTrade coverage, please check out the SquareTrade Terms & Conditions Page for further information.

Thank you for replying. I did read the T&C. It does say that ADH is covered but the rep says that is only for new and does not believe refurbished is covered under ADH but is not 100% sure.

…so…hard…to wait…for the next generation to be announced this summer…

So what is the difference between a Galaxy Tab and a Galaxy Note?

Is it “just” the ability to use a pen on the note?

Sure someone else can get more detailed, but with about a fifteen second google search, here are some of the bigger ones. The Tab is light(er) duty, the Note is heavy(ier) duty:
Screen quality/resolution.
And the S Pen

I want to read and makes notes on PDF as im studying. Should I go for the note 8 or note 10.1? 99$ deal of the day

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wifi only

I too was wondering about this.

TWO iPad Airs, what do you sweat $100 bills? And what are the key apps driving your assessment? Out of curiosity.

I’m very interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note SM-P6000ZWYXAR 10.1" 16GB Tablet (2014 Edition) - White however just like the sold out Black model WOOT has an awkward listing for the processor speed in Specs. It’s listed as both 1.9GHz ARM Cortex-A15 Quad-Core / 1.3GHz ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-Core. It can’t be both, rather it’s one or the other. Third time it’s been listed this way in as many months and it’s a deal breaker. I’ll have to pass on this listing look to other retailers.

A wooter answered this on our last sale:

I am so glad I read your question today! I bought a tablet when they were on sale last week, and bought a 2 year warranty with it. When I saw your question, I went to look it up, and saw that there was no ADH. So I went to SquareTrade, cancelled it for a full refund, and went with Securranty, for less money, a 3 year plan, and ADH.