Samsung Galaxy Tablets

The “Note” series include a pressure-sensitive stylus that is great for artists. The harder you press in art apps, the darker and/or thicker the lines.

Anyone know if this is the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition? Or is this the older one from a couple years back?

Judging from the resolution, it’s the older one. This is 1280x800, while the 2014 edition is 2560x1600(

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the refurbished 10.1 Note and almost got the 16gb one at Tiger Direct for $299.00 (shipping not included)!

For 20 bucks less I can nab the 32gb?? Yes, please!


Anyone know if the Galaxy Note 8 can be upgraded to the latest Kit Kat version?


I have a Motorola Xoom (1280x800) and an HP Touchpad (1024x768), which I thought were fine…that is until I got the Note 10.1 2014 Edition refurb here on Woot a few weeks ago…the difference is shocking. The Note 2014’s screen is sooo beautiful. But these are good prices if you don’t care, especially for a 32GB one. And the whole reason to get one, really, is the S-Pen. It’s so much fun.

As of yesterday, software is up to date and I do not have KitKat.

The 3005.4 hours for browsing the internet seems oddly specific but pretty awesome. Referring to the kids tablet here.

Wow, that’s 125.225 straight days of browsing on a single battery charge!

Heh, I think that’s a typo. Samsung says 8 hrs. I’ve emailed in for a relook at that info.

Point taken, but don’t forget the microSD slot on these tablets that let you expand up to 64gb. Have a 16gb note, and have a 32gb card. No trouble with storage.

Samsung has said it will be releasing kit kat for the 7 & 8 around June.

I actually ended up getting the 16gb because I decided to add on one year of Squaretrade warranty. And now I’m in search of a complementary keyboard.

I got a 16GB too, cuz I already had a 64GB card from my old XOOM. I got one of those SquareTrade warranties too, but got a refund, cuz they don’t cover accidental drop and handling. I ended getting a longer warranty for less money with ADH for refurbs at Securranty.

Anyone here have any experience with the Note 8? I’m considering getting this for my 12 yr old. He’s my artist in the family, seriously talented.

His complaint with any graphics tablet we’ve gotten him(and we’ve tried many) is the lack of and/or inconsistency of sensitivity to pressure when he draws. Something about shading, not exactly sure what he means, probably because I can’t draw to save my life.

Can anyone help me out with a review specific to it’s drawing capabilities?

If you’re drawing black on white, the 24-bit screen can only reproduce 256 levels of grey. Human eye can detect somewhere between 100 and 1000. So if your kid can see noticeably more than 256, which a seriously talented graphic artist might, he won’t like the shading on any tablet I know of.

Just a thought.

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