Samsung Galaxy TabProS 12" 2-in-1 128GB Tablet

Woot should be ashamed of itself for its blatant false advertising.

Claiming that the TabProS is being sold at 50% off its list price of $1199.99 is a pants on fire lie! The list price of the TabProS is $899.99, which makes Woot’s price one-third off the list price. Woot is offering this product at a great price and doesn’t need to lie.

Lying about this makes me wonder what other thing you are lying about.

List prices do not equal retail or regular pricing. It’s the value the manufacturer thinks the item is worth. We get our list prices from our vendors.

I’ve got NO interest in “literal definitions” when it comes to clean disclosure in advertising. Even the cutsie definition that pops up on the price meaning is nothing more than weasel words.

I did a quick survey. I looked up 6 reviews of the Galaxy TabPro S, with M3/4GB RAM/128GB storage, that ran from late March (near debut) to July. And EVERY SINGLE REVIEW had new purchase price shown as either $899 USD or 849 UK pounds. So $1199 has nothing to do with the original selling or value of the device. Woot needs to act like Woot. If Woot becomes as weasely as it’s parent company, it has lost it’s way and will soon loose it’s following, including me.