Samsung Galaxy Watch 42MM Black Unlocked

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42MM Black Unlocked

Is it the same watch directly from Samsung going for $104.99 with no special deals needed ?
BTW, Samsung also have different discounts on top of it as well as two other similar models.

I’m seeing $299.99 with a $40 instant rebate for the LTE model on Samsung’s website.

The cheaper pricing involves a trade in.

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 1.54.15 AM

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$209 for me, no trade in. Strange that we’re all seeing different prices.

looks like you didn’t pick the LTE model.

That doesn’t have the “+LTE”

Can’t seem to figure out if this can be activated under Verizon or not…

The pictures from @Froodyfrog seem to support the idea that it would work with Verizon.

But, you know, you could (and possibly should) double check with Verizon.

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That’s WITH an eligible trade-in, and a 19% discount.

If you go to the next screen, you’ll see what it would be WITHOUT any trade-in.

Apparently I can’t trade my LG watch on there. They only accept Apple and Samsung watches.