Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) Smartwatch

Apple gets a whole page worth of sponsored items and this is all us Android users get is one single item. Well wooooot we know that Apple products just don’t compare so if this is your way of proving who’s number one you get an “S” for Satisfactory. You thought I was going to say…huh


Samsung is always 3 technology generations ahead of Apple.

There’s more apple crap still sitting on shelves is why there’s a whole page of junk to push off onto lemmings.

However, this watch is still too thick for most women’s tastes I’m told.


I have an iPhone for work and an Android for personal use. I probably use them equal amounts of time during the day. When it comes to ease of use, and functionality, IMO, Android is superior.

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@lola4028 agreed My family had switched to Apple products about 10 years ago, but I switched back to Android a few years later, not only for ease of use, but I could not stand how Apple was not compatible with anything but Apple. The other thing was how I had to drive 2 hrs to get to an Apple Store to have something fixed and if it was urgent, I had to get up and on the road before sunrise to stalk the front door, so I could get in to the Genius Bar before it was filled w appointments for the day.

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It’s ten bucks more on Amazon, so not such a discount.

Is this the american version, with english and samsung pay?

You are spot on my friend and more user friendly also a plus.

I thought I was being harsh. Your just darn right being cold…ICE COLD!

Agree Apple is very controlling of what you do with such Great Apple Devices.

It’s quite easy to switch out a band, and put a nice macho diver style on here. Rose gold is something different. It will stand out, especially if you get away from the pinky band it comes on.