Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition

What issues would there be with purchasing the international version if you live in the USA?

I believe Samsung Pay won’t work. Not sure if the USA warranty would apply either.

I thought I read that too about the Samsung Pay, which I’m not concerned with. Do you think there would be any connectivity issues, etc? Not sure about the warranty

Hey all. These have a 90-day Woot warranty as noted at the bottom of the features.

Yep, I’m giving it a try.

The international version is primarily the golf portion…It has 60,000+ courses, where as the US version has 41,000…all preloaded. As far as Samsung pay goes, can’t some apps be downloaded on to devices such as this?

I love my GW 46mm. Been thinking about getting a GWA2 44mm as the galaxy watch is HUGE and the stainless is heavy for running or MTB.

For the international version, my understanding is the warranty is slightly different, and Samsung pay won’t work. I found Samsung pay to be kind of stupid on the watch, as pulling out your phone is faster and 60% of the time, the watch simply doesn’t work. That being said, it has been nice during the pandemic as it works at the grocery store and I don’t have to touch my phone.

I think you can change the location in the firmware, but I don’t know if I’m tech adept enough to try it:

I got this one last time around. I just needed a smart watch, not for golf. Samsung pay is on there, but don’t use. Such a great deal.