Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Phone Case

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Phone Case

I wanted a silicone one to replace the one I’d had, but since this was pretty similar and not $40 they’re still asking for everywhere else I thought it’d be fine. I purchased it on 8/29 and today, 10/11 it just broke at the weakest point; on the side by the volume button and the cameras. Yeah it was $4 but for <6 weeks of wear? Huge disappointment. Also, this doesn’t just slide on…the ring is connected to these weird plates…it’s a huge pain to put on and take off.

As per the listing, this comes with a 1 year Samsung warranty.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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Looks similar to Flip4 case …can someone confirm?

I have it less than a week
Ring attachment piece ripped off
Would pursue a new one or return

But not worth the effort.
Seiously doubt any warranty would be in effect
Case part sturdy enough
Ring cheap and not durable