Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Phone Case with S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Phone Case with S Pen

I bought one of these last time they were listed. I didn’t care for the case so much so it got tossed in the trash.

That didn’t bother me since i got it strictly for the S-pen as a backup. You can’t beat the price for the pen which is an actual Samsung.


I kinda want an s pen, but I have a Galaxy S21+ and I don’t want to get rid of my OtterBox defender. I’d need to get a case with a space to store it. But still a great deal on an s pen.

Definitely a good deal on a quality stylus.


could you make the limit from 3 to 5?This case is very nice and I need more for my fold3.

I bought 2 for the same reason, wanting a backup pen for my S21 Ultra (I thought the Ultra was the only S21 that supported a S Pen). It turns out that different S Pens use different frequencies to send commands. I could only write when I depressed the button, else it erased everything in the path it tracked. I grabbed my S21 Ultra specific S Pen and that one worked flawlessly. After doing some research (painful, since Samsung doesn’t give much detail about the different S Pens, other than to steer you toward the $99 S Pen Pro), I found this article → S Pen vs. S Pen Fold vs. S Pen Pro: What's the Difference? | PCMag .

So now I have 1 S Pen that works (a S21 Ultra S specific S Pen), 2 that kind of work (the S Pens I bought from the Z Fold sale on Woot!), and one that doesnt work at all ( a Wacom pen I got from Woot!, because I read that the underlying technology on the Samsung screen for stylii is from Wacom). So, now I know that I should have just gone with the $30 S Pen that is specific to the S21. You live and learn.


These are marked for Zfold. I didn’t realize it would only work on the Z fold. Well at least it’s the original for the Samsung Zfold 3, I’d assume it would work on the Zfold 4 as well, just a guess on my part.

As a case for the zfold 3, terrible, as an extra spen its great. If you don’t need a spen, skip this entirely

I recevied this today. Exactly as decribed and what i expected. I had an off branded case before this one and was very pleased with it. This case has a few flukes like the cover won’t stay closed and doesn’t turn the screen off but the case itself is really well built and the pen is awesome I didn’t have one before. Overall very pleased with this purchase and with woot

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The S-Pen isn’t compatible with the S23 Ultra; it only erases things. If you’re buying this specifically for the S-Pen, you’d better have a Galaxy Fold or you’re out of luck.

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