Samsung Gaming Dot 32" Curved LED Monitor

Does this come with manufacturer warranty after the woot one expires?
“Factory reconditioned” means that it looks and works like new?
$400 is a good price, but it also is not cheap for it to fail after 3 months.

Hi there. We’ve corrected it to a 90-day Samsung warranty.

If you want a longer warranty, there’s a SquareTrade link at the top of the features.

How’s the text quality?

I purchased this for Xbox one x – it literally checks all the boxes in the settings menu – Freesync (VIA HDMI), HDR, high resolution – on the Xbox. Seems great. If you haven’t done the research, it appears for Windows 10 and for PC gaming – the monitor is not ready for prime-time – so there are issues with the monitor, in-game settings v. Windows and “WTF” moments with conflicts… I’ve only used it 24 hours. Perfect size for me, my eyes track the monitor well.

Played Far Cry 5, my only concern was in the intro, on a very black screen, looked pixelated – probably need to RE-adjust the brightness and contrast. After the cut scene the gameplay was great – no issues. Seems like only triple A titles will only support these newer features such as HDR on the XBox. Again, no issues playing on Xbox with Far Cry 5.

Update: I little concerned about the backgroud “light” washout during gameplay, not sure if it’s ideal --still looks great in other parts of the game but going into a light environment it no-good.

My unit was packed well and looked brand new. It shipped from NJ and was here (PA) VERY FAST. THX

Just got mine and it has THE WRONG POWER CORD!! Samsung said they can’t help but will sell me the correct cord. Can’t get their parts people on the phone until normal business hours and on the samsungparts site it doesn’t recognize the model number so I can’t order it online. This is my first bad experience with Samsung and Woot but wow, what a freaking doozy. I emailed woot though I don’t expect a quick response. Guess this is just a paperweight for now.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problem.

Please register your monitor (see below). Once you do that, Samsung should help you.

I see that our CS has responded and offered some options.

SAMSUNG (Factory Recertified Displays and Consumer Electronics)

To start the warranty, you need to register your Samsung product. Go to:

If Samsung declines to reset the warranty after you provide proof of purchase, contact Samsung at 800-SAMSUNG for assistance. Make sure you get a case case number from Samsung when talking to them.

If Samsung still doesn’t reset the warranty, please contact Woot customer service. You must provide the Samsung Call Case number and the product serial number. Woot customer service will work with the vendor to escalate the issue with the Samsung Support team

Warranty Service: If your Samsung product needs service, please contact Samsung at or call Samsung at 800-SAMSUNG.

I’m being kicked around by Samsung support as well trying to get support on my monitor that isn’t working. I have an open support ticket with woot as well

Mine died this morning. Samsung is now trying to tell me that they do not honor warranties on Refurbished products.