Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch

I bought this watch as a refurb about 6 months ago for about $150. Is the OS shiny and pretty like the Apple watch? No. Are there still a ton of apps and functionality that allows me to do pretty much anything I want to do with a watch? Yes.

If you don’t need a watch that can operate independently from your phone and you want a quality watch at a good price, this is a good deal.

The one issue I have with this watch is the IR remote. I’m never going to use my watch as a remote for the TV.

Says you Inspector Gadget… I would because I am Agent 86…

Can anyone tell me the length of the watch band for these?

Our informal check showed about 7" around. :slight_smile:

I have large wrists and mine fits on the very last adjustment rung with the default band. They use standard watch band pins, though, so you can easily replace the band with whatever you want (I’ve done it twice - I’m currently using a stainless steel band).

Does anyone know why this watch was discontinued by the manufacturer?

Likely just due to the fact that they’ve come out with new Samsung Gear models. Such is the world of tech. Anything more than a year old is can be discontinued.

Does anyone know whether this would be compatible with the newer Galaxy models? I have a GS 7 and wouldn’t want to purchase this if it is not compatible with newer devices.


According to Samsung, these are compatible as long as it meets these criteria:

Android™ version 4.3, Jelly Bean or higher
WVGA or higher screen resolution
1.5GB or higher memory

Here’s the link, in case you’d like to check out more

I have the s7 edge and it’s compatible with it. Had this watch since the s5.

I read a comment on Amazon that you need a Samsung phone for this, anyone can confirm? I have an HTC 1, so no dice for me with this watch?

I’ve heard of 3rd party software that “might” work but you probably wouldn’t have access to all the features. So, probably not.