Samsung Gear Circle BT Headset: 6 Colors

Will this work to chat on a Bluetooth-equipped PC while playing video games (WOW FTW)?

Curious if anyone has used these with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet for listening to their stored music? And, if so, did they try using them with the Samsung Gear Manager mobile app using it’s “SoundAlive” equalizer? How did the combination perform? Thanks.

Question for Woot: Do these come with extra ear gels? My understanding is they should include a total of 3 pairs. Can you verify? Thank you!

These are new so they will come with the standard contents. Per Samsung: Gear Circle, Micro USB Travel Charger, Ear Gels, Neck Guards, User Guides

Thanks for the info, I appreciate your looking into it.

Does this have a mic?


Do they have ff/rewind controls similar to those on lg tones?

Got these for a Christmas present for my hubby. He has a Samsung Galaxy S4.
He was thrilled with them. They sync with his phone well. He says they’re comfortable and the sound is great. He likes the easy to use functions and feels the addition of the plastic holder that goes around your neck makes them stable around your neck without it being an annoyance.
I’m happy that I got these for him.