Samsung Gear Circle BT Headset: 6 Colors

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Bought these last time and they sound great, even without the Gear Manager Mobile App. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" tablet and downloaded the Gear Mgr. App but I can’t get it to “see” this headset, even though it certainly should. Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong (don’t think so) or not. I came across a review where someone with the exact same setup as me said he was using the app but, as yet I’ve been unsuccessful. So, anyone out there who’s been successful … I’m all ears.

NOTE: The only thing I wasn’t overly pleased about was these took 10 days to be delivered.

I would think that the big chunks of plastic hanging by the earbud would both pull the earbud out of the ear eventually and be annoying to have banging against one’s face?

Bought these for (early) Christmas presents - love them, great sound quality, they do not pull out of the ear because of the plastic near the ears – its the weight of the collar. Great if you’re being relatively still, a problem if you’re moving around. We both seem to end up with one earpiece in and one hanging down the chest for counter balance. Still in for a spare …

I am very tempted to buy these based on the reported sound quality, however many of the youtube reviews complain of them falling out of the ears. I have plenty of headsets that already do this.


I tried something like this a while ago, and it was built for someone with a different neck. Does anyone know how large this is?

Great Great You won’t be disappointed. I use these while riding on my motorcycle. The pairing with my S5 is great.

I had no problem with the app. I did have to have it forget the first attempt of pairing. After that perfect.
Samsung tab 10.1 and Galaxy 5 works fine.

Size??? I see that these are sold in small, medium and large (neck choker band size). Since there is no size option, is it random?

The product page (linked above) does not show any sizes. You might be looking at a different model?

i think it includes three different sizes.

as for price, you can do just as well on amazon if you want black. I haven’t seen other colors at the same price - they cost about 10 dollars more.

Will these work with dictating to DragonNaturallySpeaking?

I’m not a techhead. Would the following description mean these are NOT a good choice to pair with my iPhone6s and iPad2?

“Utilizing the advanced APT-X audio codec, the Gear Circle allows for real time streaming of the highest quality stereo audio over a Bluetooth connection.*
(*To maximize the performance of the Gear Circle, the source device must also incorporate the APT-X audio codec)”

I watched a review listed above. They said it’s sold in 3 sizes.

It’s one size. However, in the box there are three different sized clear plastic, for lack of their terminology, choker collars. These collars are designed for keeping it all from moving around and pulling the buds out of your ears while active. Otherwise, you can do without but have to remain moderately less movey aroundy.

I have one of these. It sounds pretty good, but it is poorly designed. It ships with these clear plastic collars that clip to the battery pack in the back and go around your neck. Even then, the earbud part is a bit heavy and they fall out at anything more than a brisk walk.

Thanks for the info., appreciated! You may not have time to answer this but … did you pair to your device first and then run the app? … or did you not pair first and the pairing was done BY the app?

As some have referred to, the earpieces come in three sizes, with mediums installed … and the package also contains the plastic neck frames in three sizes. The frames are “U” shaped clear plastic and are ridgid. They fit around the back of the neck with the opening of the “U” pointing to the front, like a horse collar. The main body that holds the battery snaps into the backside of the frame and works extremely well to hold the body of the unit in place when you move around. The medium frame fits my neck perfectly and I really kinda forgot it was there after the first 5 minutes or so. As others have alluded to though, without the collar the slightest movement will dislodge the body and it will hang on one side or the other. I think these sound “outstanding” but I am using them with my tablet that does use the APTX codec.