Samsung Gear Circle BT Headset: 6 Colors

I bought a pair the last time around and received a box with nothing but a charger and warranty card inside. They claimed to have no more in stock to complete an exchange for me (yesterday). I need to ship the basically empty box back to them for a refund. Strange customer service for a long-time wooter.

Go over to Yugster and get them for $19.99 …

Theirs is refurbed, ours is new.

Will these work with an iphone 6 or 6s? They seem to be made for use with android.
Thanks ~

Found the answer to my question … yes.

Same thing happened to me last month with the Motorola BT headphones. Warehouse folks doing their Christmas shopping I guess.

Happened to me with the LG headphones right before Christmas too. Was not pleased.

How is this any different from this: