Samsung Gear Circle BT Headset: 6 Colors

I purchased a set of these nearly a year ago. Here are my thoughts.

First, THE BAD:
Forget about “splash resistant” or “sweat resistant”. They’re not. That’s why I bought it, to use while working out or in the sauna. THEY SHORTED OUT THE FIRST TIME. After drying out, they worked again, but they’re completely worthless for the use for which I bought them.
Also, even with 3 earbud sizes, they just don’t fit well. The earbuds are an usual shape. Hopefully you’re lucky enough to have ear canals that fit the buds.
Finally, there’s a lack of controls. There’s 1 button. It starts and stops music, and answers calls and hangs up. The volume is controlled through a touch sensor. Sounds like enough until you realize there’s no way to change tracks. I’ve got to pull my phone out to do that. Quite annoying since my LG Tones have me spoiled.

Excellent battery life.
Good audio, as long as you have a tight fit.

Don’t get these for working out. Since they probably won’t fit well, excessive movement will make them come out. However, for this price, they’re hard to pass up. They’re a solid pair of bluetooth headphones, with just a few drawbacks.

I enjoy these, i owned alot of headsets/earbuds. just to find that perfect one i need for my job. I do alot of bending up/down constantly on the move. these they feel like they will fall out of your ear but they don’t if you insert them correctly. “only one way” … the good is they stay in my ear, when turning my head the neck brace that goes around your neck stays in place the rest moves hence the earbuds won’t fall out. the bad is they don’t have the control to play a new song as stated above, you will get notifications via the samsung gear app. the only other bad i see is that the earbud is one unit. there is bud tip for it but it doesn’t go all the way in the ear. But if your job requires you to move around alot / head turning alot. these are good.