Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch

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Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch
Price: $69.99
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Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at

4.8 Stars over at B&H Photo

Can this work on my galaxy note 4?

It would seem so, according to this page: Wearables

I also have a Note 4, so I was curious as well.

Edit: A review on Best Buy says that the steps don’t sync with their Note 4.

Edit 2: A review on B&H says that everything works well with their Note 4. Caveat emptor?

I have a gear fit and a note 4. It works great and syncs everything :slight_smile:

The “What’s included” table says the charging cradle is in the box, but “What’s in the box” omits the charging cradle.

I am, perhaps unnecessarily, confused.

Clarification please, @thunderthighs?

I’ve had one of these since Christmas. It works really well and is more durable than I thought (three door knob hits couldn’t break it). Reg price then was $129. Only complaint is the battery life, I get 4 days typically between charges but you could get more if turn the brightness down. This is the best deal I’ve seen for a smart watch for anyone with a samsung phone

Does anyone know if this is compatible with the Nexus 5?

You must have certain Samsung phones/tablets for this to work. You cannot even set this up without syncing it with the phone/tablet first. It seems you should be able to use it as a watch/pedometer without needing to do the set-up, but you can’t.

I also found it frustrating that the time isn’t always visible. You have to do a weird little wrist flick to get the watch face to light up to show you the time. I’d much rather just be able to glance at the watch to see the time without having to make a hand motion to get it to show up.

For any Gear Fit owners; will the Fit display turn by turn navigation notifications from a connected Galaxy S5?

I’ve got a S4 and it doesn’t, I’m guessing it’s the same w/the S5.

Does this come with the small or the large wrist band? I need a large, if I have to buy the large separately, then this may not be a good deal.

I bought one of these on Ebay a few months ago and recommend it if you already have a samsung phone. Just the joy of leaving the phone on silent all the time and getting your notifications on the wrist is worth the price alone.

I’m always a big fan of C|net review videos:

Two questions: 1. Can I use this to control music on my S4? 2. If I use the Samsung fitness/running app can I start and stop my runs through the watch?

BTW, they did do a fix to allow you to turn the screen orientation to a more normal up and down so you don’t have to bend your arm all crazy. Screen can also look like


yes and yes

Yes, I use one now with my Note 4 and love it.