Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch

I bought one of these from Woot several months ago. I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s OK at everything, but not particularly good at anything.

The display is nice, except it’s very awkward. There’s a reason no other wristwatch has a tall, narrow display. It’s poor regardless of what orientation you use.

It’s barely a smartwatch in the sense that it’s not Android Wear or even running Tizen and has limited connectivity and functionality with your smartphone.

It’s decent at recording steps and exercise durations, as well as sleep. The problem is that it doesn’t charge fast enough for you to be able to wear it everywhere during the day and overnight, charging it while in the shower or over some other brief period of non-use. You have to sacrifice some functionality just to be able to use the watch most of the day; it has enough longevity to get through less than a day and a half.

The heart rate monitor works OK. When it wants to work, it’s fine. Other times it can’t get a reading or gives you a clearly bogus reading, e.g. your HR is high because you’re actively exercising yet it give you a reading in line with a resting HR.

The device is quite unstable. Some times it will lock up, and forcing a reset will wipe it. Other times it will decide to reboot itself, like when you attach it to the charger.

Overall, I can still make use of mine, it’s just not worth it. You can get much more functional first-gen Android Wear devices for a similar price (as a matter of fact, I think my LG G Watch was less than this Gear Fit.) And if you just want a HR monitor like I did, get a pulse oximeter on Amazon for ~$20, which is way more effective in addition to being much cheaper.