Samsung Gear Fit2 Smartwatches

What are the lengths of the band? On Amazon the small is 124-170mm. Is the small band here really only 84-95mm?

That info came from Samsung on the Full Specs section.

BUT, we searched more and found

Small fits 125-170mm wrist
large fits 155-210

Specs have been updated.

So does it work with Samsung phones? None are listed on the site as compatible :frowning:

These watches will work with any Samsung phone running android 4.4 and higher, along with all of the other brands of phones in that link.

Not feeling the Love! Thought this was a great deal and the features more than what I am looking for - However, my device was DOA and would not power up after 12+ hours on the charger. Woot support push over to Samsung who is requiring PoP (device is expired in their records). I’ll update when there is more.

Is there any return policy for this band?..please i want to buy this band…

Woot’s return policy is posted here: