Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for AT&T

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Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for AT&T
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4.5 Stars over at Best Buy

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at

Can this be unlocked to work on T-Mobile? If it’s contract-free shouldn’t it be unlocked out of the box per the revised FCC regulations regarding unlocking (February 10 2015) and as far as frequencies it should fall back to 2G on 850MHz and HSPA+ where T-Mobile has moved from AWS to 1900MHz (same frequency AT&T uses for HSPA)

G-- Damn it!!!

I just bought a Fitbit Surge 2 weeks ago for the built in GPS and heart rate monitor for $250.

It should unless there’s funky lingo that makes a distinction between a phone and a watch that’s “phone enabled”.

bought this at rakuten last week for $169. great watch…

So to make calls from this without your phone nearby, do you need another number? Or can your phone and the watch use the same number?

I’d be a lot more interested if these were Android Wear watches. A friend gave me a Samsung watch running Tizen and it just doesn’t do much, is tied to specific Samsung devices, and is barely supported by Samsung.

Guys, this is for all intents and purposes a full fledged phone. It has a space in the back for a sim card for use on the at&t network. However if you just want to use it as a normal smart watch then you can do that.

IMPORTANT! You absolutely need to own a recent Samsung phone if you want to load any apps on it. This sucks because while it IS a standalone phone, you need to pair it to a Samsung phone(and only a Samsung phone)in order to have access to the weak app library. Why? Because Samsung sometimes makes bad decisions.

Without a sim card it will work with any carrier via Bluetooth and AT&T will unlock to use with other GSM carriers.

I have one of these and if you can get past the look of it (it is quite large) and the fact that you are stuck with that band (Samsung says there are options coming) the nerd in you will love this.

Yes, this is a standalone phone. When activated it gets its own phone number and can make calls, send texts, etc. all without the need to be connected to a smartphone.

When paired via Bluetooth it will report any activity to/from the smartphone in the same fashion that any other smartwatch will. What sets this apart is the ability for the Gear S to connect to your phone REMOTELY.

For example I use mine when I work out (running, kayaking - it’s waterproof, etc.). I do not want to take my phone so I link the watch and phones and go about my business far far away from my phone. Because it’s connected remotely it acts in the same manner other smartwatches would if they were tethered via Bluetooth! So making calls, sending text messages, etc. appear to the recipient as if they came from your phone! That is what sold me on it. The one caveat is that your phone needs to be on and connected to the network.

It has built in GPS and navigation via HERE (a nav app) and when I do run it will plot my GPS location on a map similar to other running apps.

Again it is a bit bulky compared to other watches but then again it is a 2" screen. Fitment is good but my write sweats with the plastic band but that hasn’t stopped me frmo using it.

I do not know anything about carrier compatibility because I use AT&T but for them it’s considered a wearable and cost $10/month to add on. If you sign a contract they give you a $100 credit.

I have the Gear S (Verizon), but I have AT&T as my carrier. I just use the watch connected via BT to my Galaxy S5. There are some drawbacks, like the limited app store, but I really do love this thing.

Does this mean that you are paying for 2 phone lines? Can this just be paired with an S3 over bluetooth without having to activate a second line?

My wife just got the this watch along with a Note 4 and that headphone thing TWO DAYS AGO!


WOOHOO! It’s the Friday before a 3 day weekend and the buyer is in a silly good mood.

She’s gone and lowered the price to $199.99! Now, go buy ALL the Samsung Gear Watches!

Small print: If you already purchased, that extra money will fly back to your pockets soonish.

Yes. With my activated phone and watch I have two lines each with their own phone number and they each use data. My phone is a phone line but the Gear S is a wearable so they carry different costs. The Gear S, with AT&T, is $10/month but it still get has full funtionality (meaning calls, text messaging, data, etc.).

And I don’t see why not. The big benefit for me, and the difference of this over every other smartwatch (other than some Android no-name ones) is the cellular functionality. But if you were deciding between this and the Gear 2, let’s say, definitely go for this. It is an advancement over the previous models in functionality, screen size, and battery life. I could get a day easy out of my Gear 2. With my Gear S it’s closer to two days. PLUS, while they have similar charging docks, the Gear S’s dock has a built in battery which double the battery life without needing to plug it into a wall.

And while the specs say 2G and 3G I can tell you that mine says 4G. Whether I’m getting those speeds or not who knows. Do I need 4G on my watch? Probably not but the web browser sure loads fast.

One thing to remember is that the available apps for this are limited. That would be my biggest complaint. But for remote notifications and the ability to respond directly from the wrist it’s great. I hope that once these gain in popularity app selections will increase.

What’s the battery life like? Is it waterproof and does it have an internal speaker?