Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for AT&T

Hey! What’s up?!? I purchased two of these shortly after 1AM and paid $229.99 each. What’s the story on the price now being $199.99??

I can get 2 days out of mine (plus the charging adapter has a second battery built in). Yes it is waterproof. I wear mine when I kayak. Yes it has an internal speaker and a mic that actually is usable.

At&t website says " Requires pairing with a compatible Samsung smartphone (sold separately) with the Samsung Gear app for activation, software updates, app downloads and to route calls, text messages and 3rd party app notifications from smartphone to Gear S."

Has anyone used this with a non-samsung android phone?

What do you have to do to get the watch to pair remotely? Does that require activation or…?

Despite what Samsung hopes, Tizen is end-of-life technology. They’ve already caved and created a (horrible) Android Wear watch. This is a great exercise in what’s possible, but ultimately, the lack of developer support and limited compatibility will render this useless in a short time.

I imagine it requires a cellular connection with would require activation. I have not tested remote-connection via WiFi. I will connect it via Bluetooth and once Bluetooth is out of range the watch will automatically (if set to do so) switch to celluar and connect remotely. Once my phone is back within range (assumeing Bluetooth is on) it will automatically reconnect via BT.

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Has anybody tried using this with Verizon? Will it work with Verizon?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to “activate” the watch over BT, and then swap my SIM back and forth between devices if I want to use the Gear S as a phone and leave my Note at home?

They make a version of this that will work with Verizon, but this is an AT&T version. Having said that, it will work with your Samsung Verizon phone. You have two options (I spent several days trying to figure this out):

  1. Don’t activate the cellular line for the watch and just use it through Bluetooth and wifi. You’ll get all functionality when you’re within range of your phone, but it cannot make calls or interact with your phone on its own if out of wifi or Bluetooth range.

  2. Activate the cellular line for the watch with AT&T and keep your cell phone with Verizon. This is expensive. You no longer qualify for the $10 wearable add on price. You have to get at least a $25/mo plan.

I know a couple of people with these and they rave about it.

I am a Sprint customer and have a Samsung Gear (1st gen) with a Note 4. I don’t want to use the “S” as a stand alone device. I do, however, want to receive my texts and missed call notifications while in range of my phone like I do now with my current watch. Will this do that?

Here is what I do. I have my T-Mobile Note 4 paired with the Gear S. After you setup everything, it will basically allow you to receive all of your calls from your Note 4 without even being near your phone. It transfers your calls automatically once it can no longer communicate with the phone, and vice versa. If you want to just share sims then this is gonna kinda be a pain in the butt. I think paying for the extra $5-$10/month makes this a killer combo if you already own a Samsung phone. There have been countless times where I just plain forgot my phone and then was reminded by that as soon as my “watch” rang! :wink: I don’t really give out my watch number, but instead I use it more for texting. It seems like you would have to hold the watch near you to maintain a good call but in actuality this has a VERY good mic & speaker built-in. They know how to make smart watches by now, as this is like their 10th watch. The thing I like about the gear line is that it allows you to do the things that Android wear will not. Such as, making and receiving calls right from your wrist! :wink:

I’m in the same boat as a Sprint subscriber. For several months, Sprint was out of stock and there wasn’t one of these to be found anywhere outside of eBay for the Sprint network. That’s what got me started looking at buying an AT&T or Verizon one. I just couldn’t justify the $25 or $35 a month contract for a watch.

If you never plan to set up the watch with its own cellular plan, it will be fully functional as long as it’s within range of the phone. That would mean bluetooth range if you’re out and about. It would also mean if you’re on the same wifi network (say at home), you can have the phone in one room (as long as it’s on and logged into wifi) and you could be out of bluetooth range and it would still be fully functional while connected to the same wifi network. That’s something the Moto360 wouldn’t do that motivated me to return it and get this watch. I just couldn’t find it for Sprint when I was looking.

Barely supported. Wrong. Theres a whole Gear store with apps under the gear manager.

Chatted with a samsung rep at local best buy about this device.
He said one of the biggest impediments to rolling this out and implementing the standalone watch as an extension of the phone is that you can’t clone your phone number to the watch. US government is VERY particular about making sure somebody can’t be in 2 places at once (i.e. your phone number shows you in one place while your smart watch shows you in another). Hence the necessity for separate sim card and number for the watch.

Can’t wait until they just implant us with microchips under the skin LOL.