Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for AT&T

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Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for AT&T
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4.5 Stars over at Best Buy

For those wondering why this is carrier-specific, it’s a network connected wearable all on its own, so you can just take the watch and leave your phone at home. That means it is particular to the network service provider you subscribe to.

Check out the product page and check out this review over at Cnet

For clarity’s sake, while this watch has the ability to operate as a somewhat* standalone mobile device with an AT&T sim card, it will pair and operate as a normal smartwatch over BT/WiFi with any compatible Samsung phone, regardless of carrier, no sim needed.

*has its own phone number and mobile data connection for making and receiving calls/texts, but must still be set up and curated using the Gear app on your phone. That includes adding removing apps, and any settings changes for most apps.

Does this mean I would have to add another line to my current AT&T plan to facilitate this device operating as a normal phone?

From a previous discussion:

Im in when you get a sprint version.

Anyone ever found/have success with using a couch to 5k app for this watch? I did a quick search and most I am finding are for Android Wear.

Anyone know if this can be unlocked?

I believe AT&T charges $10 a month for the second SIM card. The watch can be used on any network when connected to your Samsung phone through bluetooth.

yes AT&T will unlock

Does this have a golf gps app yet or will it display golf GPS information from your phone?

Does this work with T-mobile network?

That’s a good question. One source I saw said they use different bands of GSM for 3g, so you might have solid 2g coverage on tmobile. But since Tmobile doesn’t specify it’s own watch but says the Gear S is supported, I’ll assume it’s the same GSM watch as ATT.

you could get a pay as you go plan, or a usage plan (don’t know if these exist) if you are scarcely going to use it as a stand alone device. I’m on sprint and couldn’t justify paying $350 when AT&T was offering it for $99 (with 2 year contract). I went ahead and got it as a stand alone for now. More so, I’m interested in the Gear A in 3 or so months.

Yes, it will. You just have to get in touch with AT&T to have it unlocked.

This is Tizen-based OS not Android wear- so you can’t pair it with just any smartphone and expect full functionality- it has to be a Samsung Galaxy phone. This is assuming that you don’t want to use it as a stand-alone device, and instead want to use it like a traditional smart watch.

Standalone doesn’t mean unrestricted when it comes to compatibility, however. While the Gear S can handle calls, messages, and navigation on its own, if you want to use it with a smartphone you’ll need to be using one of Samsung’s own Galaxy handsets, just as was the case with the Gear 2.

It is possible to connect to a non-Samsung device. Here’s a thread for tinkerers:

I didn’t say it wasn’t possible, but you will have some issues because Tizen is a proprietary Samsung OS. Samsung updates that affect their products may not be seen in other android devices. You can make anything work, it comes down to how well it works and how easy it is to maintain that functionality. If on don’t have a Samsung galaxy, and you aren’t planning to use this as a stand alone device, then you might want to weigh your options before buying.