Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for AT&T



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Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for AT&T
Price: $169.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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This was just (and still might be) on eBay from for $150.


4.3 Stars over at Best Buy


Bought one last time. I love it. I love that I can leave my phone at home and still take calls. Heart rate sensor is meh, need to cinch it tight to get accurate readings.


Ive been thinking about getting a Moto360 but the Samsung Gear S at the $170 or $150 through ebay is very tempting. Since the moto and gear are rather close in pricing which would you think is the better option?


am I safe in assuming that it can only be used on AT&T? I live in a very rural area, and we really only get the local provider around here. Guessing it’s not compatible.


Will this work on non-Samsung android phones?

Edit, looks like it requires a Samsung phone (according to this decent review).



Things you should know (and suggest you read up here on product and reviews).

Also the watch uses a Nano SIM card

It requires a connected data plan to use it as a cellular device.

With a 2-year contract = $99 new at AT&T
Without a 2-year contract = $299 new at AT&T but there has and will be a $50 rebate (coming soon)

Add a line or device to **existing share planes $10/mo.**or set it up on a stand-alone plan.

Activation fee = $40 (but routinely waived)

Gear S can be used as a standalone device. This is Samsung’s sixth smartwatch in a little over a year, but it has one big difference: it gets its own cell service and data. It even has its own SIM-card slot. It’s a watch that’s also a phone. The Gear S doesn’t have to be within Bluetooth range to let you stay in touch on the go.

HOWEVER…It still requires a recent Samsung phone to pair with and install apps, and its standalone features don’t work with all apps and notifications.

Compatible Samsung Devices:
Samsung Galaxy S® III, Samsung Galaxy S® 4, Samsung Galaxy S® 4 Active™, Samsung Galaxy S® 5, Samsung Galaxy S® 5 Active™, Samsung Galaxy Note® 2, Samsung Galaxy Note® 3, Samsung Galaxy Mega™, Samsung Galaxy Note® 4, Samsung Mega® 2, Samsung Galaxy Alpha™.

Must pair Gear S with a compatible Samsung Galaxy Smartphone running Gear Manager application.

Address book:
Synchronizes via your connected smartphone

The watch is IP67-rated water-resistant, which means you can get it wet, but you’re not meant to shower or swim with it.

The Gear S has a 2-inch 480x360-pixel AMOLED display

It does not - repeat - does not work on the AT&T LTE network (HSPA+ is NOT LTE)


“Alerts you with high-pitched screeching when there is a wrist within 5 miles of your watch.”

Good one, Woot!


Although the Gear S is a nice watch it runs the Tizen operating system which is a proprietary Samsung OS, meant to be compatible with only Samsung devices. Although it can be paired with devices other than Samsung phones, there is no guarantee all of the intended functionality will be there. The Moto360 uses Android Wear that works not only with all the different Android phones, but even has compatibility with the iPhone. I have an Asus Zenwatch with the Android wear OS, and they are constantly updating and tweaking Android wear. I think a smart watch with Android Wear is the way to go for compatibility and functionality across all devices.


As others have said in more detail: essentially, unless you know you can use this watch (as a cellular-connected smart watch), you likely cannot use this watch. There are hacks and such out there, but in general you need to be on AT&T in the right AT&T areas and need the right Samsung phone.

So, you, Ms Technoholic or Mr Tech Junkie, don’t buy this unless you’re sure.

I say that as a tech addict. I know how appealing it is to get this just to see if you maybe could use it. Because calls.

But don’t, unless you’re sure it’ll work for you. And sure isn’t “but I saw a YouTube video that makes me think maybe…”


I absolutely agree. I’ve owned two Android Wear watches, and both have been compatible across numerous phones. I’m currently on the LG Urbane, which I love.

Another option for many is the Pebble line, which now has a circular option for those who want that form factor. The Pebbles have a lot fewer options, but: (1) their battery life is unparalleled - 5-10 days, depending on model and use; (2) their color screen is the only one you can easily read in strong daylight - the brighter it is out, the easier it is to see; and (3) they work on both Android and iOS devices. I have the new Pebble Time, and it’s great for travel and the outdoors.

As cool as this Samsung is, only a very small percentage of the Woot community could actually use one as intended.


It’s lame that it still requires a Samsung Android device. The Gear S2 magically works with other Android devices (not just Samsung). Both watches run Tizen. Seems like all Samsung needs to do is modify some code to allow it to work with Android on 4.4+, 1.5gigs RAM+ like the S2…

Oh well, I would buy one but use a Nexus. Not interested in the S2. Thanks Samsung!


You get it unlocked and you can use any carrier


All comments above are true. It is tizen which still has a crap app ecosystem,and it does require Att unless you unlock it. That said, it’s a freakin’ phone people! On your wrist! Battery lasts a little more than a day and a half. I can die happy now that all my boyhood Dick Tracy dreams have been full filled.


Requires Samsung phone only to activate.


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