Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for AT&T

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I had the original Gear watch and really liked it. I am a bit confused about carriers for this though. I have tmobile. Can I use the watch with my galaxy 5 phone, but just not stand alone with a SIM? Or will it not link with a tmobile phone via bluetooth either?

We asked the vendor:

It will link with any approved Samsung phone regardless of carrier through bluetooth. All of the watch features are usable through bluetooth.

What are the possibilities of getting this thing unlocked for wireless use with T-Mo?

So happy with this watch! So - if you are female - probably not the smart watch for you because it is pretty bulky - but I got it for my hubby and it is fabulous. For a referb it looks brand new, set up is a breeze. Only down side is that they ship it without instructions on how to connect it to the charging bay - and we were a bit nervous on breaking it just out of the box because that is not as simple as it looks. Would have helped to have the user manual - but you can find all that info online as well. The call quality is crazy good.

GREAT buy for the price!

is this watch also unlock

It is not unlocked.

Bought a refurb off woot back in the spring for 189. Works great, I use it with my s5 and a gear circle (bluetooth headset). Battery lasts about a day and a half. I have a gear fit as well, so I charge the S at night and track sleep with the fit. Only downside is that the Tizen ecosystem sucks from an app standpoint.