Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for AT&T

I got one of these as a black friday deal from AT&T. I love it. Solid battery life and the curve design is super comfortable. It actually runs the Tizen operating system. I have had no issues with the apps. Solid product.

Shop smart. Shop S Mart.

(seriously… have Gear S2 classic and love it)

Is it safe to assume it works with Galaxy phones that are not AT&T, like Verizon or US Cellular?

Tizen OS kills this. Android wear is better and more universal, it’s also compatible with more products than just Samsung.

Can this work with my Sprint account? My grandson has something simular that works for him and hes 12 yrs old. So I would appreciate anyone letting me know. I have Sprint Samsung Mega phone. It would be nice to have something scaled down and leave this big thing in my purse!

Per the title, this watch is for AT&T, not Sprint.

No, sorry, these are only the AT&T ones.

You can still use it Bluetooth. I have two of these. Both are for Verizon. One is connected to my Verizon account and has its own phone number and is part of my data plan. The other one works fine but I just can’t use it without my phone like the the one with it’s own phone number. But you can still respond to text and make calls being connected via Bluetooth. This I a good price.

Will it really take 2 weeks for it to arrive?

That’s just an estimate. Items generally take 3-5 business days to ship. Once shipped, it can take another 3-5 business days for delivery.

The only negative I see here is the integrated band. I have the Gear 2 and it started out with a band like that one…until the clasp fell apart while I was gently applauding at an Irish festival. It just disintegrated out of the blue. Since the Gear 2 uses standard bands that wasn’t a problem to replace, but it would suuuuck on these if it happened.

The band isn’t integrated. In fact, it is very easily replaced, even easier than a standard band because they’re flexible.