Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for T-Mobile (S&D)

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Samsung Gear S Smart Watch for T-Mobile (S&D)
Price: $119.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Do you have to have T-Mobile? Or can you use this on Wi-Fi only?

You can use wifi only or bluetooth only.

In fact, I think using it as a standalone device is rather weird. It would have a different number for SMS and voice calls. You’d have to give out multiple numbers.

WOW I was really tempted until I read the CNET review
and found out it doesn’t support Android Wear so you HAVE to use a Samsung phone with it to do anything, like load apps.
Too bad, that is a gorgeous smart watch at a good price.

I bought this watch on a previous Woot. It now sits in a drawer gathering dust.

First, if you buy, be VERY VERY careful every single time you attach or detach the charging cradle. It seems like a robust “snap on” situation, but it’s not- both the tabs on the cradle and the tabs on the device that hold the charger in place are extremely delicate. If the tabs on the watch ever break, you’re completely screwed.

To be honest, as great as it looks on your wrist, this watch is not really worth the hassle. Samsung tried to cram an enormous amount of functionality into a physically limited platform that just isn’t that useful. Smart watches are great for quickly glancing at an incoming text when it would be inappropriate to pull out your phone, or for fitness situations where your phone is too big to carry, but nobody really wants or needs to make calls from their wrist like Dick Tracy or type on a ridiculously tiny screen. And how often do you really use walking-only navigation apps?

Most of this watch’s functionality is novelty that becomes tiresome very quickly. The apps are clunky, the heart rate monitor doesn’t work well, and even the basic functions like notifications have little annoying glitches that make you spend more time messing with your device than it’s worth.

All in all, you’re better off going with a simpler wearable that does fewer things but does them well.

So you are saying this ONLY works with WIFI? or it ONLY works with Bluetooth?

Ring! Ring!
Who’s there?
watch who?
watch who you are driving with, I don’t want to get killed while you look at your watch! sheesh!


you can use it as a standalone ( leave your phone home…cellular data from sim - will send from different number)

You can use it via bluetooth ( bring your phone with you, messages will send from your main cell phone number)

Or you can use it via wifi( leave your phone home again…and receive notifications from your phone only when connected to wifi – main number)

I think the idea behind this is that you don’t have 2 devices, you just use the watch as your phone. The thing is more technologically advanced than cellphones from 10 years ago and the screen size is almost as large as well, so I don’t see why not.

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to know. I’m about 120 dollars worth of interested in a smart watch, but having just picked up an LG V10 I guess I’ll keep looking.

Thanks for the honest voice of experience!! Greatly appreciated!

I usually think out of the box but never even considered this option. It is a nifty idea, however i figure people relying on this type of technology, also want full access to their tradition phone apps not available on the watch alone (the instagrams, the pokemon go, and whatever apps all the hipsters use these days).

HOWEVER, you are correct. Leaving a phone home and only having to worry about the essentials would be convenient.

Maybe for workouts, runs, gym sessions and such?

I bought this watch on a previous Woot except that it was AT&T. My mobile service is with T-mobile, so I have just used the bluetooth and wifi connection. I really like that is connects with wifi, not just bluetooth to get increased distance from my phone since I can be farther away from my phone when connected via wifi as opposed to bluetooth. I love this watch. Since I have T- mobile service, I am considering buying the T-mobile watch.
I find it very convenient being able to answer the phone from my watch and sending and receiving texts from my watch when my phone is in another room.
Regarding the charging station, because I had read reviews saying that many people had had the clips on the charging battery break, I bought an extra charging battery. I have not had the clips break on either of mine so far and I have had the watch for about a year or longer.

The posting says it is for T-mobile “without contract.” What does the mean exactly? I have t-mobile, and I have a recent samsung phone on my t-mobile account. I would like to be able to pair the two when they are close, but I would also be interested in this watch if I could use it as a stand alone phone when I live my big phone at home. I understand that I can do that with this watch, but will I have to pay for an extra device line with t-mobile to do that? If so, I wouldn’t be interested, but if not–if it can piggyback on my samsung phone, for example–I would be interested. Does anyone know?

To get a sim card for the watch, you would pay an additional $5/month.
Also, keep in mind that this watch cell service is 2g and 3g only, not 4gLTE

thanks much!

Mine showed up with no instructions, not even a manifest for the order, and it’s a dead unit.

A rare misfire (to me at least) for Woot.