Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch - Dark Gray

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Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch - Dark Gray
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I have this smartwatch.

It is a great smartwatch.

Granted I came from Pebble Time Steel so going from a 10 day battery life to 2 day was… challenging.

But beyond that it’s been nice!

Waterproof. Can take quite the beating. Not quite as easy to use as a Pebble Time but still pretty good.

Does the phone’s battery life take a hit since it’s constantly connected via Bluetooth?

Probably but it doesn’t kill it. I still get a full day’s usage out of my Moto G4 Plus easy.

$99.00 at Walmart

I believe you are correct, but only if you want refurbished. I looked at the listings for it and it states $99-$249. And when opening it, there is none for less that $169 actually listed. Refurbs all over though if you want to chance quality.

Not a very good fitness watch. Samsung took Nike+ off when it changed to Nike Running. The other Samsung fitness apps don’t cut it. Watch faces with complications don’t work either. Stay with AW 2.0 watches.

No thanks I’ll stick with my pebble time until smartwatches actually are worth more than the $40 I spent on the pebble. I’ll keep my $300 from apple they don’t need it.

$72 from TMobile about 4 months ago .

$119 at the mothership with free shipping

I tried this very same smart, no big deal, anything it does is in your pocket on your phone, not worth the trouble and Im a tech nerd…price is ok, but I found it a year ago new at that price.

You can cut the Bluetooth off if you want.

Or if you want white.

Huh? The fitness apps from Samsung are pretty strong and do everything I got from Nike +.

Also mine still has functioning Nike apps on it so they still work.

Technically yes, but it’s more than offset by not having to “wake up” your phone for every little notification.

Does this watch need a sim card. Att charges 10 a month for wearables, my old LG is still working great and no sim needed

This is open box and only has a 90 day warranty, so it’s not like you are getting the full new experience here.

I have a friend who game me his Gear S2 after he received an Apple watch for his birthday.

I like it a lot, but with one exception. It refuses to install the latest update to its Firmware / Software. I haven’t bothered to try and get it fixed as I went back to my Garmin VivoSmart HR since it did all the same things I wanted from the Gear S2, without all the extra bells, whistles, and battery drain.

I noticed a hit to my battery life but I think it has more to do with the Samsung bloat I had to install just to connect to my phone. Doesn’t seem to matter whether or not the watch is connected.